General Contractors

The Rhumbix construction software platform lets you analyze and optimize construction project productivity with real-time field data.

A Better Way

General contractors can simplify construction project management with better visibility into the field

The Rhumbix construction app provides real-time visibility into how labor, productivity, and time and materials are driving the overall cost of your construction project. Our rock-solid and easy-to-use construction technology ensures all your subcontractors are submitting critical time and materials data accurately and in the same format every time.

Collect field data... not documents

Rhumbix contractor software eliminates paper and static PDFs in the field. General contractors can easily collect precise real-time field data to gain critical construction project insights

All your field forms in one mobile construction app

Fast and efficient mobile forms improve accuracy and mean general contractors spend up to 90% less time on paperwork, speeding up compensation processing and increasing construction project productivity.

Connect the field and home office

Field data like time and materials and construction project performance are immediately available to the office and all stakeholders so your whole team stays on the same page.

Less risk, more visibility

Great Time & Materials tracking means better margins and less risk. The Rhumbix app assures real-time time and materials visibility from the field with greater accuracy and less effort. What’s not to love?

Construction software that finally gives you time and materials tracking visibility, now.

Rhumbix is the best construction software for delivering real-time data — particularly the all-critical Time and Materials and Daily Construction Reports — to the home office to streamline workflows, gain project insights, and make better decisions.

General contractors — and their subs — spend less time on paperwork.
The Rhumbix mobile construction software platform is designed for general contractors, sub-contractors, and field supervisors & crew to make better decisions across workflows that touch every aspect of the construction project. Enhance your overall construction project management, and feel confident when you give status updates to the boss … and the client.

  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Timekeeping & Payroll
  • Daily Construction Reports
  • Production Tracking
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Custom Workflows & Reports
  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Timekeeping & Payroll
  • Daily Construction Reports
  • Production Tracking
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Custom Forms & Reports

Rhumbix: The most powerful tool you need is data

Our team has been very impressed with the level of service provided by Rhumbix. Their mission of workers first truly shows with how easy it is for a time and materials tag to be generated on their mobile device. Our users are able to harvest and input their data into the system in a very user friendly format; once the information is harvested from the field the platform allows our team to gain deeper insight to better drive productivity.

Andrew Cameron
Area Superintendent, Hensel Phelps

Make better decisions, faster.

Contact us to start transforming your construction field data into a field advantage. Let us take you through Rhumbix’s innovative construction software tools to show you how we can help you on your next project.

Built for your unique workflows

At Rhumbix, we understand the unique challenges faced in the field. See how we can help your team.

Time and Materials

Get control of your out of scope work.

Keep everyone on the same page with easy to create, share, and track T&M summaries.


Get control of your largest project cost—labor.

Optimize your labor productivity and mitigate risk with real-time data and insights from the field.

Timekeeping &

Discover simple, fast, and accurate timekeeping.

Easily streamline all your field timekeeping and payroll process.

Daily Construction Reports

Ensure the field and office are on the same page.

Track your projects in a digital Daily Construction Report populated by real-time field data.

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