Every successful construction company is always looking at ways to improve productivity.  At Rhumbix we know it’s a process that touches on so many different parts of your business.  That’s why The Rhumbix Journey is a partnership that works with your team and your processes to get you to better, more efficient and most importantly, more profitable projects.



of field data

  • Foremen save hours each week with a mobile app designed for them
  • Capture everything about the job in one place, as it happens
  • Gives foremen the information they need to do their job



into project performance

  • Operations teams and Executives can track progress and spot issues with an intuitive dashboard
  • App lets PMs know right away when a project is off-track
  • Project profitability view lets teams see daily and trending data by cost code



to improve productivity

  • A portfolio and project risk score lets you know what you need to pay attention to
  • Increase profits by 2-3x by reducing risk, decreasing overhead and keeping projects on-track
  • Improve labor productivity by up to 10% with real-time feedback between workers and managers

Digitize & Standardize

:: Timekeeping ::


Simplify and standardize the collection of time keeping and field reporting. Efficiently process that information all the way through Payroll like you've always wanted.

 Mobile Timekeeping
 Craft Worker Hours


Eliminate the hours of administrative burden put on your Foremen and colleagues with an easy-to-use system of Rhumbix Timekeeping.

 Time Card Approval


Digitally edit, approve and track time cards all the way through pay day to ensure all costs and labor hours are accounted for.

 Customizable Project Profiles


Rhumbix is union compliant by accounting for digital signatures, start and end times, as well as breaks and injury confirmations.

:: Daily Notes ::


With Rhumbix, Foremen can easily detail all of the critical site data to provide context into project performance.

 Daily Notes
 Quality Reporting

Quantity Reporting

Report quantities, take photos, and link to cost codes. With actual hours worked and quantities installed, project managers know daily productivity and can act to improve it.

 Productivity Impacts


Easily capture Delays, Equipment, Crew Information and Weather Impacts to increase project context for performance monitoring.

 Safety Observations

Safety Observations

Safe jobsites are productive jobsites. Continuously improve safety by recording observations around common safety issues.

:: Reporting ::


Rhumbix replaces manual paper-based reports with digital records. With Rhumbix, timekeepers can view, approve, and edit data online and at the end of the week, hours can be exported to accounting or payroll with a simple click. 

 Real-time Cost Coding

Centralized System

Stop shuffling through paper work to find workers on multiple time cards. All of your workers and their timekeeping data is not maintained in one easy-to-use platform making quality control and payroll stress-free and reliable.

 Daily Time Cards

Daily Time Cards

No more typing paper time cards into legacy software. Admins have instant access to digital time cards and daily reports to review, edit and approve.

 Accurate Cost Coding

Seamless Accounting

Seamlessly integrate your Accounting software to the Rhumbix platform and simplify payroll processing.

Benchmark & Analyze

Performance Monitoring


Automate reporting of budget vs actual performance provides intelligence for more agile project management.

 Reimagine Construction Productivity
 Daily Profitability

Daily Profitability

Did you make money on your project today? Rhumbix analytics provides daily visibility on whether your workforce was productive. See where you incurred losses and identify performance issues requiring attention. 

 Budget Health

Budget Health

Projects are long and volatile and budget challenges can creep up on you. Our performance dashboards highlight trends and problem areas so you can act to get them back on track.

 Accurate Historical Cost Data

Accurate Historical Cost Data

Rhumbix explains what happens on projects and why. Empower forecasting and estimating with reliable and transparent cost data. 

Optimize Labor Productivity

Best in class analysis and insights for Project Managers and Foremen


Know Your Projects

PMs get better data, faster helping them to make better decisions.


Foreman Dashboard

Foremen get relevant feedback and performance metrics to drive improved production.


Successful Projects

Everyone on your projects has the timely information they need to ensure project success.

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