Put Your Field Data to Work to Improve Labor Productivity

Outfit your foremen with Rhumbix to go paperless in the field and spend more time with their crews. Equip the home office with Rhumbix to analyze and work hand-in-hand with foremen to optimize labor productivity.

Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform

Capture field data, measure labor productivity, and use data-driven decisions to improve project outcomes.


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Who Uses Rhumbix?


Enter field-level data directly into the app; a foreman is able to input timekeeping, production tracking, photos and more in the palm of their hand.


Get real-time insights into the budget vs. actual spend with comprehensive profit loss dashboards, cost code reporting and more.


With greater access to data operations leaders can set production benchmarks, fully understand labor productivity and be more competitive on future project bids.


Mitigate risk across one project or twenty with real-time access to all the data in an easy-to-use web interface where you can manipulate information.


Adopting Rhumbix is easy. We offer seamless integration with a number of ERP and accounting solutions.

API-based integrations between Rhumbix, ERP, and Accounting partners enables system-to-system level synchronization for seamless paperless timekeeping and production tracking.

System-to-System integrations automate the flow of data, eliminating the time consuming and error prone manual process of exporting and importing data between systems.

Our API integrations include the following ERP and Accounting solutions: Sage, ViewPoint, Quickbooks, and Xero. Rhumbix also supports integrations through automated CSV exports to other ERP solutions.