Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform™

Rhumbix modernizes construction field operations, helping builders go paperless in the field and improving how they measure and manage labor productivity to be more profitable.


What Great Companies Say About Rhumbix

This is the most-innovative thing we’re doing right now as a company.
— Walt T., VP of Project Planning, ENR Top 20 General Contractor
The first-hand construction experience on the Rhumbix team is evident in the product—they really understand what the industry needs.
— Josue G., CEO, Building Trades Council
It’s a no-brainer that this should be used on every construction project.
— Zack P., Senior Project Manager, ENR Top 20 General Contractor
I thought it was going to be hard to use…but it’s super easy.
— Luis G., 20+ year Foreman, Transbay Terminal
For 15 years we’ve been working towards what we’re doing with you today.
— Ken M., CEO, Heatmasters Mechanical, Inc
Industry research shows that during an 8 hour day craft workers generally achieve less than 2 hours of productive work. If we as an industry can better quantify where these inefficiencies are coming from, we can react faster to them. There may even come a point when we can better plan for them. It is a classic case of what gets measured gets attention. I have witnessed the inefficiencies in my own operations; the reasons for them are limitless. Being able to capture the systemic issues allows us to address them and not waste time addressing the one-off situations.

Any contractor can buy materials, purchase tools and rent equipment. What separates any contractor from their competitors is the people. The more we can empower our people at all levels to solve problems and work more efficiently the better we will be. I feel that Rhumbix helps to empower our field crews to have a greater understanding of how their time effects the bottom line and how to address it.
— Jason B., Operations Manager, large MEP Contractor

Foremen / Superintendents

Who want simplified time keeping and field reporting, as well as insightful feedback on project performance.

Project Managers / Project Engineers

Who want automated analysis into budget vs actual performance, allowing for greater control over project delivery and deadlines.


Who want to optimize data collection, team collaboration and benchmark production rates to increase project margins.


Who want to reduce risk exposure with real-time and reliable data on project profitability.

The Rhumbix Journey

Every successful construction company is always looking at ways to improve productivity.  At Rhumbix we know it’s a process that touches on so many different parts of your business.  That’s why The Rhumbix Journey is a partnership that works with your team and your processes to get you to better, more efficient and most importantly, more profitable projects.


Digitize & Standardize Data

 Go Paperless

of field data

  • Foremen save hours each week with a mobile app designed for them
  • Capture everything about the job in one place, as it happens
  • Gives foremen the information they need to do their job

Benchmark & Analyze Performance

 Make Better Decisions Faster

into project performance

  • Operations teams and Executives can track progress and spot issues with an intuitive dashboard
  • PMs know immediately when a project is off-track
  • Project profitability view lets teams see daily and trending data by cost code

Optimize Productivity

 Create a Connected Workforce

to improve productivity

  • A portfolio and project risk score lets you know what you need to pay attention to
  • Increase profits by 2-3x by reducing risk, decreasing overhead and keeping projects on-track
  • Improve labor productivity by up to 10% with real-time feedback between workers and managers

What’s Happening at Rhumbix