Rhumbix is rolling out upgrades to the Field Forms Mobile User Interface (UI), and we want to fill you in on the details.


Who does this affect?

All Rhumbix Field Forms users and Rhumbix Timekeeping with Shift Extras users. 


What’s included in this upgrade?

#1 A new form header is available and includes easy-to-view details like date created, schema names, form numbers, project names, job numbers, and form status.

Rhumbix form header

#2 The new Hybrid Signature Pad feature allows users to type-to-sign or draw-to-sign on their mobile device. Previously users could only draw-to-sign.

Rhumbix signature pad

#3 Mobile UI now supports grouped lists in addition to non-grouped lists. This includes summary rows for grouped list items. Users now have the option to single edit or bulk edit the grouped list items.


Rhumbix grouped lists

#4 Mobile users can now attach documents to field forms on their mobile devices. Easily add documents like PDFs, images, and excel spreadsheets to your forms for more project context.

Rhumbix attach docs

When will the upgrade take place? 

These mobile user interface upgrades will be effective on 6/29/22. 

Where can I see the upgrade?

The new mobile UI upgrades will be available for users on 4.57 or above. Please upgrade your mobile app for a new experience.

Why are the upgrades happening?

Our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible user experience combined with client feedback has led us to upgrade the Field Forms dashboard to serve our users better.

If you use Field Forms for your fieldwork, we encourage you to let us know how you like the new upgrades. Feel free to email us with any questions at support@rhumbix.com or call us at 855.RHUMBIX (855.748.6249). Looking for the Rhumbix Mobile User Interface Upgrades? View them here.