Pilot Process Overview

We’re excited you want launch a Rhumbix pilot with your company. To set you up for success, here is an overview of what to expect during the pilot. To ensure the pilot is a success we will set up a weekly pilot meeting to review progress and see how your team is tracking.

Week 1:

Getting Familiar with Rhumbix

During the first week of the pilot everyone works to get familiar with the system. A successful week entails your Field Leaders logging two or more time cards and the data being viewed by Project Management using Rhumbix. It’s common to have a lot of questions and process discussions. During this week and the next, your team will run Rhumbix in parallel with your old time keeping process.

Expectations: The focus of Week 1 is on getting the Field Leaders familiar with the Rhumbix platform. It’s common for there to be questions around using the app, and as with anything new, there can be a little frustration. The Rhumbix team will be available throughout to help manage this process.

Week 2:

Digging Deeper into features

The second week the pilot Field Leaders should log their time cards every day. In addition, we expect them to use the Notes feature to send information and images to the office. After the data is logged by the Field Leaders, your Project Management should view and approve it in Rhumbix.

Expectations: The focus of Week 2 is on having the Project Management Team regularly checking the quality and timeliness of information being submitted from the field, a five minute commitment. It’s common for some questions to come in, but at this point most users are comfortable with the system.

Week 3:

Compare Rhumbix vs. Existing ProcessForemen use the Rhumbix app everyday

During this week, Field Leaders and Project Management should be fully immersed in the system logging and approving data each day. Payroll Administrators will import Rhumbix data into your payroll system to test the data flow and compare it against your old process.

Expectations: The focus of Week 3 is get a good side-by-side comparison of Rhumbix versus your old system. It’s expected that there might be a few discrepancies between the two systems, frequently due to mid-week edits that were not captured accurately in both systems.

* Early in Week 3, we will also begin digging into the details of a contract with your company so that we are ready to manage a smooth transition by the end of the pilot.

Week 4:

Run rhumbix as the primary

The last week of the pilot your team should be using Rhumbix as the primary system in preparation for moving over to Rhumbix only. We will schedule a few sessions with you and your team to agree upon a plan for next steps. The overall goal at the end of the pilot is a smooth new process with data flowing from the field all the way into your payroll system.

Expectations: By this week, your organization should have a clear view of the value provided by adopting Rhumbix. Your Field Leaders should be Rhumbix advocates and be hesitant to consider going back to the old way of doing things. The conversation with Rhumbix shift to the details of transition and implementation.