Rhumbix is built around the industry need for better data.  We empower your crews to capture accurate data at the workface while our suite of analytics and interactive reports delivers daily insights into project performance. Contact Rhumbix today to learn how we can help you drive performance improvements on your projects. 



GPS-enabled time and motion studies deliver performance insights around crew interactions, site layout optimization, and labor distribution.

 Leverage GPS To Optimize Project Layout And Site Operations

Deploy Real-time Location Sensing Technologies On Your Projects

 Deploy Real-time Location Sensing Technologies On Your Projects

Incorporate location data with Rhumbix timekeeping and production tracking. From real-time craft and equipment utilization to location based scheduling and production, with Rhumbix you can identify inefficiencies, safety risks and take advantage of opportunities to optimize jobsite conditions.

Rhumbix's Productivity Platform Can be Customized for your Specific Project Needs

Are you seeking better ways of measuring production and performance for your company or project?

Our productivity analysis platform can be customized and flexibly deployed to measure construction performance more accurately and with fewer resources than traditional reporting.

 Rhumbix's Productivity Platform Can Be Customized For Your Specific Project Needs