The first step toward managing and optimizing labor productivity is performing timely, accurate and consistent timekeeping in the field. Empower your foremen with paperless timekeeping so they can spend more time driving production with their crews.


Rhumbix BASIC replaces paper collection methods for timekeeping and payroll notes so you can digitize and standardize timekeeping and field reporting from end to end.




Digital timekeeping on the Rhumbix mobile app enables real-time access to timekeeping information for the home office to approve, review, and edit as needed. 



Foremen enter time cards more consistently knowing they will receive important feedback they need to do their job. 



Improve payroll accuracy and reduce time card errors. The mobile app enables your foremen to ensure the right projects, cost codes and craft worker hours are captured. 



The mobile app is intuitive and designed specifically for foremen. Using the app,  foremen cut time card entry to just a few minutes, enabling them to spend more time with their crews in the field.


In the field, foremen use the Rhumbix BASIC mobile app to enter timecards and daily notes in just a few minutes, helping them stay compliant while saving hours of time each week. 

At the home office, project managers, operations managers, accounting, and executives use the Rhumbix BASIC web app to review and approve daily time cards as well as review daily reports enriched with notes and photos from the field.

Our public API integration with ERP software is a secure and seamless method to flow your payroll data into all necessary systems, resulting in more accurate and consistent payroll.  See below for supported ERP system integrations.

Alternatively you can export all payroll related information as a CSV file and import it into your accounting/payroll system.




Eliminate the hours of administrative burden put on your foremen and colleagues with an easy-to-use system of Rhumbix Timekeeping.


All of your workers and their timekeeping data is now maintained in one easy-to-use platform making quality control and payroll stress-free and reliable. 

Centralized Approvals

Payroll Admins have instant access to digital time cards and daily reports to review, edit, approve, and track time cards all the way through pay day to ensure all costs and labor hours are accounted for.


Rhumbix is union compliant by accounting for digital signatures, start and end times, as well as breaks and injury confirmations.

payroll data import/export

Getting data into and out of Rhumbix has never been easier. Use the Rhumbix preformatted CSV to export time card data into your ERP or load your active projects, cost codes, and craftworkers into Rhumbix.


payroll NOTES

Review and send all of your employee's signatures in a single report with a summary of hours for each day.

INTEGRATIONS for seamless accounting

Integrate your accounting software with the Rhumbix platform and simplify payroll processing. Our true API integrations include ERP solutions such as Sage, ViewPoint, and Spectrum.