Toolbox Talks that connect with timekeeping data

Deliver relevant safety topics and trainings to your team based on their current work tasks. Utilize Rhumbix Timekeeping data in your Toolbox Talk workflow to easily and quickly identify potential risks and hazards facing your projects teams.

Rhumbix Toolbox Talks
Rhumbix Field Reports

Combine your timekeeping data with toolbox talks to ensure relevant trainings around hazards and safe work practices.

By bringing timekeeping data—the history of what activities people were working on—and safety compliance into one, easy-to-use platform, your team is empowered with key metrics around hazard frequency. Use work hours and cost code data to understand how many people are exposed to certain risk elements on your projects.

Rhumbix Mobile Foreman App

Mobile Foreman App —

Field-ready trainings at your fingers

Easily initiate your toolbox trainings from the Rhumbix mobile app. Find engaging topics and discussion questions right in the field and add crews members and signatures with just a couple clicks.

Rhumbix Web App for Toolbox Talks

Web Dashboard —

Visibility into Toolbox Talks across projects and crews

Track and manage toolbox talks from one centralized platform. Search and filter through topics and submissions to ensure compliance reporting around jobsite safety trainings.

Training on Critical Construction Topics

Over 80 Toolbox Talks in English & Spanish

Access the trainings your team needs with Rhumbix Toolbox Talks. Content is concise and highly research with trainings built from Center of Construction Research and Training.

Comprehensive List of Rhumbix Toolbox Talks
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“You better try Rhumbix. Seriously, this thing is life changing—even for people like me who don’t like change. I made the change to Rhumbix, and I couldn’t be any happier with that decision. Had I not done this, I think I would have been depressed. I’m not exaggerating, it’s the honest truth. I’ve been doing this work for 13 years, and Rhumbix has been one of the most impactful tools I have ever used.”

Vedya Boodwa,Payroll Admin, Stonebridge Steel Erection

Tools that make your job easier

Transform time-consuming, inefficient workflows into your competitive advantage with easy-to-use field tools that increase reporting accuracy and deliver real-time insights.

Rhumbix Time and Materials

Customer Highlight —

Payroll department saves 17 hours a week using Rhumbix Timekeeping and Payroll

With the continued growth in both the number and scale of its steel erection projects, Stonebridge’s manual timekeeping and payroll process was creating massive inefficiencies and headaches for the team.

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