Modern technology is everywhere, and it is making our lives easier in various ways.

The construction industry is no different. Many construction management apps are available that help projects stay on track and flow more smoothly.

The U.S. construction market was valued at 1.36 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. As you can imagine, any method of increasing efficiency and productivity can lead to massive market gains. Not only can increased efficiency make your life easier, but it can also save your company valuable resources.

Check out these ways construction management apps can be put to work for you!

1. Accelerates Projects

Time is money. This is true in all job situations and industries. However, in construction, it is perhaps even more critical.

Depending on the size of the project, lost revenue from construction delays can run up to millions of dollars very quickly.

Of course, the weather and other unpredictable factors will always play a role in this. But there are many aspects that you can facilitate and streamline with an efficient construction management app.

Apps like these allow construction managers to stay up to date on everything that happens on a job site in real-time. Thus, it makes it simpler for the manager to fix problems as they arise. In many cases, they can even prevent the problems from arising altogether.

2. Facilitates Better Communication

Good construction management apps facilitate better communication for all parties involved.

First, they make it easier for team members to communicate quickly. Fast communication gives your team the ability to work more efficiently and move the project.

Another essential piece of the communication puzzle is keeping the owners and other project stakeholders in the loop. Construction projects tend to involve a lot of money.

Understandably, the people who are paying out that money want to know what’s going on. You can create daily reports and send automated emails using a construction management app. This will keep everyone on the same page quickly and easily.

3. Greater Context

Increased accuracy and context are important when it comes to managing a construction project with many moving pieces to the puzzle.

Capture more than just work hours with a construction management application. Teams can utilize pre-loaded crew, cost codes, and equipment lists to ensure better accuracy over the life of their project.

Attach notes and photos to provide greater context into work performed.

This saves time and money and helps to keep your team on track.

4. Ensure Safety Regulations Compliance On-Site

The construction industry has its unfair share of dangers. In 2019, 20% of all work-related deaths happened in the construction industry.

Construction management apps can help your team avoid these dangers by ensuring workers are complying with safety regulations.

You can use applications to set up daily inspection checklists that your team must view and sign. In addition, workers can use apps to report unsafe conditions or observations in real-time. By adding notes and pictures to reports, others can be notified of the hazards in real-time.

5. Keep More Accurate Documentation

Writing things out on paper isn’t always the most efficient method of capturing information. Sometimes, handwriting is difficult or impossible to read. Other times data can seem inconsistent, or there may be information gaps.

Entering text into a mobile phone eliminates the need to decipher handwritten reports. Plus, having the ability to document everything at the moment addresses data inconsistency and information gaps. Instead of remembering what they need to write down later, employees can enter it in on the spot.

You can also use GPS tracking, time stamps, and signature gathering features on-site. These features help to create a blatant trail for an audit. You can also use the data to keep investors happy. Plus, it serves as evidence if you ever need it in court for a legal dispute.

6. Improves Ability to Manage Equipment

Keeping track of construction equipment for both scheduling and maintenance is very important. Equipment needs to be available and in working condition, as needed to keep your project moving along smoothly.

Mobile solutions make it simple to track equipment use and maintenance. Easily keep track of equipment hours and location with a construction management app.

7. Real-Time Mobile Access

In general, having access to everything in real-time is a huge advantage.

Do you need to see the plans? Maybe you need to check a by-law. Or maybe you need to clarify something or check a work order.

You can do all of these things from the palm of your hand with the proper construction management app. It’s easy to see how this factor alone speeds up construction and minimizes errors and problems that arise.

You Should Use Construction Management Apps

You’re already behind if you haven’t begun using construction management apps. Your competition is taking advantage of these benefits, and you aren’t. Eventually, you could fall out of the running.

Take charge of your construction projects and join the wave of the future.

Looking for more information on how these apps work and what you need to get started? Here at Rhumbix, we have the mobile solutions you need to keep your project on track and keep your workers safe and happy.

Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we’ll be happy to help.