Trying to improve timekeeping for your construction crew? Do you know about the benefits of mobile timekeeping? If you’re working in the construction industry you likely know how difficult managing many parts of a crew can be. A mobile timekeeping app can help your crew immensely and can allow you to stay organized and productive without the hassle of traditional time sheets.

Below we’ll look at the eight benefits of using a mobile timekeeping device for your construction crew.

1. Saves Time

One of the biggest benefits of using a mobile timekeeping device is that it can allow your construction company to save a lot of time. All of the manual actions related to using traditional timecards are time-consuming. It can take time and energy to fill in paper forms, prepare information, organize timecards, and track them down when needed. This time can be saved by using a device that stores this information for you and makes it easy to input new timestamps. With a timekeeping device, you’ll also be able to recall any information whenever you need it using a computer or a mobile device.

2. Increases Productivity

Using a timekeeping app in construction will also help you to become more productive. With a great timecard app, you’ll be able to see who is on the job, what they’re doing, and what is getting done by the click of a few buttons. You’ll also get insight into any problems or issues that are happening in real time. If anything is inhibiting construction, you’ll be able to understand what it is. Having all of this data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to estimate what your next move should be and where things may need some tweaking. This can help your whole crew be much more productive as a result.

3. Improves Accountability

With a timekeeping device in your hands, accountability also becomes much easier to handle. You’ll be able to share and get access to field data while also adding photos and notes to keep track of what is happening at any given point. Your crew will also be able to share their location. This allows you to see where everybody is and how much time they’re taking in particular areas or to complete specific tasks. This kind of thorough data and tracking can be a great help in improving accountability within your organization.

4. Minimizes Errors

Using a timekeeping app, you’ll also be able to minimize errors on your construction projects and eliminate inconsistencies in timekeeping and tracking. There will be fewer timecard errors and as a result, you’ll avoid spending any more on payroll than is absolutely necessary. Accounting errors and errors with tracking crew hours will be eliminated. As a result, your construction company will be much more cost-efficient and you’ll avoid paying crew members for hours they didn’t actually work.

5. Go Paperless

Another great benefit of using a timekeeping device is that it can allow you to go paperless. Keeping track of your crew and the various tasks of a construction job will be much easier when timestamps are digitized. Digital timestamps can be filled out much more quickly and easily. If you’re managing a construction job it can be difficult and inconvenient to have a lot of paper timecards around. Using a timekeeping app, on the other hand, will minimize the amount of paper you need to keep track of and make timekeeping much easier to handle throughout each week.

6. It’s Easier For Everyone

No matter what role you play as part of a construction team, a timesheet device will make your job easier. Field workers, foremen, project managers, and estimators will each experience the benefits in various ways. Each person will save time and will get a better insight into the entire construction process. Everyone involved will have a clear picture of what hours have been worked. These time tracking features can be great for managing a construction crew but can also be great for workers as well. Every worker will know exactly how many hours they have worked and what to expect from their next paycheck.

7. Automatic Export and Import Functions

With a timekeeping device or app, you can also make use of automatic import and export functions. With manual timecards, you’ll have to input and re-input the data yourself if you want to transfer it to a computer or another device. With a timekeeping app or device, however, it will be automatic. A timekeeping device provides system-to-system integrations meaning you’ll be able to effortlessly transfer timekeeping data to the cloud or to another device and look at it as needed wherever you happen to be.

8. Backs Up Your Timekeeping Data

Because of the automatic nature of timekeeping devices, you’ll always have access to crucial timekeeping data when you need it. If you have to go through an audit at some point or you have to get past timekeeping data for another reason you’ll be able to very easily. You’ll be able to access timekeeping data that is stored in the cloud or that is stored on your businesses server whenever you need it. You’ll also be able to easily analyze past trends and changes over time.

Making the Switch to a Mobile Timekeeping Device

A mobile timekeeping device can change the way your crew operates and can help in a big way. It can allow your team to be more productive and more organized when it comes to timekeeping. Your crew will be able to focus on doing hard work, instead of manually filling out timesheets.

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