Rhumbix T&M Tracking

For General Contractors who are looking for a better way to manage Time and Materials tags, Rhumbix T&M Tracking provides a cloud-based paperless solution for reporting, tracking, and approving T&M tags.

Large capital projects involve high numbers of subcontractors submitting T&M tags accounting for up to 18%+ of final job costs. Rhumbix T&M gives General Contractors a near real-time visibility of their T&M exposure and reduce the time to process T&M.


Paperless T&M tags for all subcontractors, direct from the field, means faster, easier, and more complete data.


Cloud-based T&M tracking, approvals, and reporting provides an end-to-end solution for digital time and materials tracking.


Rhumbix T&M tracking functions independently of your ERP software, is easy enough for anyone to use, and works for field or office-bound GCs and subcontracts.

Rhumbix T&M In the Field

Subcontractors use the Rhumbix T&M mobile app to capture all T&M work including labor, equipment, materials, and even sub-tier vendors!

Field time & materials tag generation, including all project, General Contractor and subcontractor reference numbers.

Instantly attach supporting photos and field documents to enrich and clarify time & materials entries.

Field subcontractor and General Contractor verification options.

Includes owner approval, if required.

Capture drafts, date of submission, supporting data to streamline administration.

Rhumbix T&M in the Home Office

General Contractors use the Rhumbix T&M Tracking web app to view all open and historical T&M tags submitted by subcontractors, facilitating administration, risk assessment, and cost recovery.

  • Visibility from the field to the home office to the owner
  • Track the status, disposition and value of T&M risk
  • Identify the value of unapproved work
  • Transform workflows and reduce manual tag inputs
  • Reduce data silos and easily access and analyze project T&M tags
  • Facilitates recovery

Essential Across Management Chain

The Rhumbix T&M Tracking workflow empowers the transparent, free-flow of data from subcontractors in the field, then up to general contractors, and finally to owners.

  • Owners fund the construction and are the most critical stakeholder throughout the T&M workflow.
  • Often T&M work arises because of owner-initiated adjustments associated with design development or changes.
  • For owners, Rhumbix T&M provides access to the T&M data, which gives owners insight into risk level on any given project.
  • GCs sit between the owner and the subcontractor in the T&M workflow.
  • GCs are tied to an antiquated paper-based workflows to move tags from the field to their final form as a change order which then moves onto owners for approval. For GCs, Rhumbix T&M provides near real-time visibility to all open and historical T&M tags submitted by subcontractors.
  • Subcontractors are responsible for capturing field-level data, critical for tag approval.
  • Delays in processing T&M tags often means the costs of capital for work installed falls on the subcontractor.
  • Time savings from digital T&M workflows can lead to dramatically reduced processing times.