Digital field forms and workflows for your entire business.

Rhumbix offers a suite of pre-built digital Field Forms and Workflows to help you get started capturing, analyzing and using your data to improve your project outcomes and your business.

A Better Way

Built from years of
experience on the jobsite.

Get real-time data from jobs and use Rhumbix built-in Timekeeping dashboard reports to review timecard summaries by day, week, and employee. Drill down to view Cost Code Statuses and Labor distribution.

Simple to Use

Rhumbix is designed to be the construction industry’s most efficient and easy-to-use software.

Built to your Workflow

Rhumbix is highly configurable and customizable to match your specific needs in the field and in the office.

A single source of truth

Save time, eliminate double-entry and errors. Mobile app form fields are automatically populated with data from the Rhumbix system.

Unlock Your Field Data

Rhumbix Products

Built for the field and proven at the home office, our products were designed to be the easiest, most intuitive construction tools available. Easily transform your field data into project insights.

Time & Materials Tracking

Get control of out-of-scope work.

Keep everyone on the same page and reduce disputes by eliminating late and lost T&M tags. Provide professional-quality T&M summaries with consistent pricing, supporting documentation, and approvals.

  • Benefits for Subcontractors and General Contractors
  • No more late or lost T&M tag
  • One system of record for all project stakeholders


Timekeeping & Payroll

Simple, fast, and accurate timekeeping.

Rhumbix streamlines your field timekeeping and payroll process. Submit timecards from the field within minutes. Process payroll quickly and accurately.

  • 90% less time on paperwork.
  • Prove payroll compliance.
  • Closed-loop feedback to drive production.


Production Tracking

Get control of your largest project cost—labor.

Track, analyze, and optimize labor productivity. Rhumbix is a single source of truth for real-time field data and provides project stakeholders with the right information while highlighting trends and problem areas so you can act to get them back on track.

  • Closed-loop communication between the field and office.
  • Real-time performance dashboards such as Daily Profit & Loss, Labor Distribution, and Productivity.
  • Make more competitive bids.
  • Consistently hit project goals.


Daily Construction Reports

Ensure the field, office, and general contractor are on the same page.

Track your projects using real-time field data in a digital Daily Report. No more waiting for paperwork to be delivered to the office or sifting through emails with attachments.

  • Daily Reports in minutes, quickly capture project name, weather, work performed, field notes with photos, and more.
  • Create once, share instantly with project stakeholders.
  • Reduce disputes and legal actions.


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