Ensure your field, office, and contractors are on the same page.

Elevate your construction project management with the Rhumbix construction software platform. You can easily track projects in comprehensive digital Daily Construction Reports populated by real-time field data, and instantly share important information with the general contractor, subcontractors, supervisors, and other project stakeholders.

Get control and visibility with detailed Daily Construction Reports.

Quickly capture and complete detailed digital Daily Construction Reports (DCR) with project name, weather, work performed, field notes, photos, attachments, safety notes, and daily surveys.

Spend less time on paperwork.
Voice to text entry and industry-leading construction technology and design help field supervisors cut daily construction report creation to just a few minutes.

Create once, share instantly.
Enter construction data once, instantly share data from Daily Construction Reports with others in the office or field, and with the general contractor or owner, ensuring efficiency of communication and unified visibility for your construction team.

Reduce disputes and legal actions.
The Rhumbix construction app’s Daily Construction Reports mitigate risk by providing a digital audit trail of the approved work completed, helping to improve transparency and strengthen professional relationships.


Clean and professional
Daily Construction Reports you are proud to share

Set your construction company apart from the pack. Make Daily Construction Reports your own with a company logo, project name, and other vital information for each stakeholder such as project executives, general contractors, and owners.

A Better Way

The Rhumbix Solution: The Best in Digital Construction Report Creation

With the Rhumbix construction software platform, you can create accurate, invaluable construction reports with real-time field data. Review Rhumbix built-in Timekeeping dashboard reports to see timecard summaries by day, week, and employee. Drill down to view other construction reports like cost code statuses and labor distribution, helping to track and bolster productivity and construction project management for your entire team. Time and Materials, Timekeeping, and Daily Construction Reports (DCRs) have never been so easy!

Easy to Use in the Field and Office

Rhumbix is at the forefront of rock-solid construction technology, designed to be the industry’s most efficient and easy-to-use construction company software platform.

Tailored to Your Construction Business

Rhumbix construction software is highly configurable and customizable to match your specific needs and preferred workflows, both in the field and in the office.

“Auto-Magic” Field Workflows

Eliminate double-entry and errors and save valuable time with automatically populated form fields that leverage data from the Rhumbix system — making your Time and Materials, Timekeeping, and Daily Construction Reports data more accurate than ever. Your construction project data is Auto-Magically filled for the field!

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Ready-Built Integrations

Designed to work seamlessly with industry leading construction ERP, accounting and business intelligence tools.

ERP & Accounting Systems

Our public API integration with ERP software is a secure and seamless method to flow your payroll and project data into all necessary contractor systems.

Business Intelligence Tools

General contractors can easily connect and integrate your Business Intelligence (BI) tool with the Rhumbix Analytics System to access all your construction project data for your own analysis.

Built for your unique workflows

At Rhumbix, we understand the unique challenges faced in the field. See how we can help your team.


Connect the home office with the field.

Analyze and optimize your project productivity with real-time data straight from the field.


Start collecting field data, not documents.

Get control of your data and gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your workflows and digitizing your paperwork.

General Contractors with Self Perform

Streamline your out-of-scope work.

Strengthen your workflows and optimize project productivity by transforming your field paperwork into field data.


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