Control risk on time and materials contracts

Rhumbix construction software keeps everyone on the same page by eliminating late and lost time and materials tags. Our time and materials tracking provides professional time and material summaries with consistent pricing, supporting documentation, and approvals. Learn why Rhumbix Field Data Platform’s proven construction technology offers the best time and materials tracking for time and materials contracts.

Time and Materials Tracking That Works

Stay on the same page as the General Contractor.
Eliminate late and lost time and material tags with professional time and materials summaries that include pricing, documentation and approvals.

Get paid more. Get paid faster.
Save valuable time as you quickly and accurately capture construction labor costs, equipment, materials, GC and Sub reference numbers, and even sub-tier work.

Reduce disputes.
Dramatically increase reimbursement rates and decrease costly processing delays by reducing time and material tracking errors and eliminating late and lost tickets.

Stay on the same page as the owner.
More accurate, faster time and material tracking with professional-quality time and materials summaries that include pricing, documentation, and approvals.

Accelerate the T&M tag approval process.
All subcontractors can save valuable time by quickly and accurately capturing construction labor costs, equipment and materials, with reference numbers.

Reduce disputes.
Dramatically decrease costly processing delays by reducing errors and eliminating late and lost tickets from subcontractors.

Reduce disputes, improve relationships.

Rhumbix construction software helps you stay on top of all directed out-of-scope work to ensure it is completed correctly. Use data to eliminate discrepancies between change order logs, time and materials work, and remaining balances.

Tailored to your construction business

The Rhumbix construction app is highly configurable and customizable to match your construction team’s specific needs and work flows both in the field and in the office.

Make better decisions, faster for enhanced construction project management

Rhumbix construction technology provides contractors with real-time data from the field using time and materials Dashboard construction reports to deliver insights. Time and materials tag data is securely stored in the cloud, making it easy to search, filter, and sort tags.

Keep Time and Materials Contracts on Track

Designed for Contractors, and built for how you work.

  • One Dashboard. All your time and materials. Easily track all your time and material tickets in one location from submission to approval.
  • Easy-to-use Mobile Construction App. Auto-populating data makes creating a new time and material tag extremely fast and efficient, and offers timecards and more.
  • Professional reports. From Daily Construction Reports to individual, real-time dashboards, all the information contractors need is collected, organized and visible.

  • One Dashboard. All your time and material. Easily track your time and material tickets in one location from all subcontractors.
  • Streamlined Process, Increased Efficiency. Automatic workflows alert approvers when it’s time to review time and material tags for approval.
  • Visibility to “work at risk” time and material exposure. Review important data with construction reports to ensure optimal construction project management.
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Make better decisions, faster.

Contact us to start transforming your construction field data into a field advantage. Let us take you through Rhumbix’s innovative construction software tools to show you how we can help you on your next project.

A Better Way

The Rhumbix Solution

Get real-time data from jobs and use Rhumbix built-in Timekeeping dashboard reports to review timecard summaries by day, week, and employee. Drill down to view Cost Code Statuses and Labor distribution.

Field-driven data

Drill down farther into your projects and gain invaluable insights by transforming your static documents into your most valuable asset—data.

Easy to use in the field and office

Rhumbix is designed to be the construction industry’s most efficient and easy-to-use software.

“Auto-magic” Field Forms

Save time with automatically populated form fields that leverage data from the Rhumbix system.

Built for your unique workflows

At Rhumbix, we understand the unique challenges faced in the field. See how we can help your team.


Connect the home office with the field.

Analyze and optimize your project productivity with real-time data straight from the field.


Start collecting field data, not documents.

Get control of your data and gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your workflows and digitizing your paperwork.

General Contractors with Self Perform

Streamline your out-of-scope work.

Strengthen your workflows and optimize project productivity by transforming your field paperwork into field data.


Hear from the Industry

See what our partners and customers have to say about the Rhumbix experience.

Gain your field data advantage today.

Contact us to learn how to drive your next project with time-saving tools and Rhumbix data insights.

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Let us take you through the Rhumbix suite of construction tools and show you how we can help you with your next project.

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