Imagine doing your job with a personal assistant. Sound too good to be true? In many ways, today’s technology offers us many options for automating some of our daily processes. Whether your ‘assistant’ of choice is Alexa, Google or Siri, a little automation can help us shuttle along during the workday.

Start with these three key elements:

There’s a lot to think about in the field, safety (first!), communication, consistency, plans, and of course the actual building process. Why add timekeeping to that already overwhelming list on the top of your team members’ minds? With an automated timekeeping process, Foremen can log time for craftworkers right from their mobile device.

On the management side, this makes performance analytics and automated payroll possible, as time cards are automatically sent to your ERP system. By automating the timekeeping progress and digitizing its systems, everyone is empowered to focus on the real task at hand: building the most impressive project.

Automation eliminates many of the layers of the payroll process and administration, allowing contractors to get paid in a more consistent and documented manner than ever before. Plus, total expenditure of budget can be easier tracked back at the office. Automated payroll? It’s a win-win for everyone on the team.

Performance Tracking
We know that craftworkers take pride in the work that they accomplish in the field, and want to make communication of their progress as seamless as possible with the project manager. It is frustrating for contractors to receive delayed feedback, or none at all, because of an inability to reach the project manager quickly. The Rhumbix platform creates an effortless medium to digitally track progress and instantly send it to the project manager for feedback, contractors are empowered to do their best work. Supervisors’ work is also made simpler, with a streamlined performance tracking process that aligns with their goals of mediating communication in and out of the field. With a motivated team and energized supervisor, automated performance tracking is a big plus.



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