Close the Gap Between the Craft Workers at the WorkFace and Managers at the Home Office.

Build Smarter. Build Safer. Workers First.

Success on construction projects is determined by the ability to effectively learn and adapt to continuously changing conditions. Our workforce telematics platform captures real-time field data from your crews and combines it with human input to ensure the data you are collecting is the data you need to deliver your projects under budget and on schedule. With Rhumbix you can expect safer jobsites, a reduced administrative burden, and more productive time at the workface.



Small gains on profit margins can make a big difference on construction projects. Rhumbix's suite of user-friendly mobile solutions delivers the project data and insights you need to get an edge on the competition and win more bids.

Mobile Timekeeping

Our smartphone-based app places a powerful timekeeping solution in the hands of the craft to ensure accurate payroll the first time. Geofenced project sites show when workers are onsite and when they leave to provide additional validation, and mobile approvals confirm only the correct data reaches supervision.


Real-Time Cost Coding

Empower your Foreman with a comprehensive solution to manage cost code allocations and report quantified delays from the workface. Timecards are automatically populated by the end of the shift avoiding the need for manual data input and keeping the foremen in the field. Cumulative impacts are calculated and causal factors tracked to provide management visibility of actions required to keep projects on track.



GPS location of workers during the work day helps field management locate and contact workers in the event of emergencies, while GPS powered time and motion analysis optimizes site layout and crew distribution. Rhumbix is also pioneering the development of indoor location sensing technologies for construction.