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Tracking and monitoring potential exposure risks across jobsites.

Beldon Roofing Company, an award-winning, family owned, fourth generation roofing company, is an excellent example of a construction company that has embraced technology as a way to improve efficiency and productivity. Jodie McCue, Beldon’s Administrator of Technology, explains that at any time, project managers may be managing 20 jobs, working with two or three foremen, and multiple teams.


Week Implementation Time. Beldon implemented and trained 200+ crew/foremen in less than 1 week


Total Health Assessment Forms submitted in less than 2 months


Avg # of Daily Submissions. Improvement from transitioning from paper-based to digital timekeeping

“Rhumbix is a great user friendly software that allows for all employees to gather and interpret information in the easiest possible way.”

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Administrator of Technology

About Beldon Roofing Company

An award-winning company based in San Antonio with branches in major Texas markets, Beldon is an established family-run company that has grown from a small roofing company, founded immediately after World War II, into a multi-specialty, fourth-generation contractor that proudly remains in the Beldon family.

The Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic presented a new challenge for companies like Beldon that have transitioned to paperless systems and technology-driven project management. Construction was one of the few areas of the economy not shut down by the pandemic. Instead local, state and federal offices and organizations issued a series of guidelines to track and monitor COVID-19 cases as well as maintaining physical distancing and new disinfecting procedures. Beldon, like all companies, needed to ensure the wellbeing of their employees in the field and the office and a way to track employee’s health and safety.

We transitioned to a Salesforce paperless system in December 2019. We didn’t want to have to revert to paper and having employees filling out paper forms every day, then scanning it, and having someone manually enter the data into a Google spreadsheet to track COVID-19 cases. JODIE MCCUE, Administrator of Technology @ Beldon Roofing Company

The Solution

Beldon is already a digitized company and did not want field employees coming into the office to pick up paper forms, bring them to the job site, and then back to the home office.

After evaluating several new platforms and solutions, Beldon chose the Rhumbix suite of tools. The decision to switch to Rhumbix was influenced by several factors, including ease of use, configurability, and reporting. The ease of use of the app speaks for itself, Beldon was implemented and its 200+ crews/foreman trained in less than a week. The ability to configure the health assessment based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) left Beldon feeling secure knowing they have collected all the needed data points. The ability to report on data across job sites allows for quick filtering, sorting and grouping to assess risks.

The Outcome

Today, Jodie can sort by workers, projects, and drill down into the specific questions. With a mouse click, she can check projects in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio to make sure everyone is filling out daily forms, rather than cross-referencing a manual, paper list. For any health assessment form, she can trace every status change, note or action taken to ensure proper documentation. Since Beldon’s implementation date, the company has completed 2K+ forms and identified possible infections, which has allowed them to get ahead of any potential COVID-19 clusters and maintain safe and efficient worksites.

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