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Specialty Drywall Contractor Saves Up to 20 Hours a Week Using Rhumbix Timekeeping

One of the largest specialty trade contractors in the Midwest was looking to reduce payroll processing time and improve overall project management and accounting practices.


Weekly project hours saved per foremen. Time savings gained from Rhumbix verse previous paper time cards


Reduction in Total Time Spent on Payroll Processing. Reduction in payroll processing time required across three departments.


Total Annual Timesavings on Timekeeping & Payroll. Nearly 2 weeks of production tracking work was eliminated per project.

“Some of the systems we looked at had all the bells and whistles in terms of tracking the cost to a floor, to a cost code, and per person, etc., but it didn't make it easy to do that for fifty guys on a jobsite, especially if those 50 people are doing the same thing day after day in which case the foreman would have to reenter the information every single time? Those systems weren’t making it easier for us to process time.”

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About RG Construction

RG Construction Services, Inc. (“RG”) was founded in 1977 by Robert G. Garcea, Sr. Today the company is one of the largest specialty trade contractors in the Midwest. Providing wall and ceiling services throughout Metro Chicago, Central Illinois, and the Midwest. RG performs nearly every wall and ceiling scope of work and is considered an industry leader in cold-formed metal framing, rain screen assemblies, and plastering. RG fully leverages lean construction principles and focuses on modular and prefabrication opportunities. The company has a robust portfolio of projects across all project types, including; workplace, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, high-rise residential, education, retail, institutional, and civic.

The Challenge

On average, this regional specialty trade contractor manages between 30-40 projects, with 40-60 craftworkers on-site and budgets ranging upwards of $20M. Balancing this type of prolific workload required RG Construction to reassess and improve its existing timekeeping methods, including the use of inefficient, handwritten paper timecards. To provide operational excellence to their clients, the company sought a mobile timekeeping solution that could grow with their needs, address data processing inefficiencies, and easily integrate with their existing ERP.

On average, this process took 332 hours a week, split between the payroll administrator, general superintendents, and field foremen. To minimize the amount of entry and errors, foremen were only allowed to charge two cost codes per employee per day. In addition, there was very little data validation to confirm the timecard information was entered correctly.

Before Rhumbix

  • Timecards were tracked with paper and pen
  • 8 hours per week spent manually adding timecards to ERP
  • 280 hours per week spent filling out timecards in the field
  • Insufficient data validation

After Rhumbix

  • Timecards are tracked on a mobile app
  • 8 hours per week saved in the office on payroll processing
  • 6 hours per week saved in the field per foremen
  • Data validation implemented
  • Sage 300 integrated
  • 16,640 hours saved annually streamlining and simplifying
  • Timekeeping and payroll processing

The Solution

Seeing an opportunity to gain process efficiency, RG Construction realized that a digital timekeeping app would meet their needs now and in the future. In their quest to reduce their data processing time, the company came across several platforms that didn’t quite meet their requirements.

The team was focused on finding a flexible solution that was mobile and easy-to-use to ensure strong adoption by teams in the field and office.

At the end of the day, if we were going to put a cloud-based mobile app solution in our foremen's hands, we wanted it to mimic as much as possible the way we were used to entering time with our hierarchy and structure. Rhumbix was certainly capable of doing that. The main thing we were focused on was how is this going to be quicker and easier than what we were already doing.

Following a software demo and evaluation, RG Construction realized that Rhumbix would help complete its mission to consolidate its timekeeping processing, integrate with its existing ERP, Sage 300, and improve workflow efficiencies. Rhumbix Timekeeping was selected to simplify payroll processes, eliminate paper timecards, and improve overall project management and accounting practices.

The Outcome

RG Construction experienced immediate and significant results from using the Rhumbix Timekeeping product. Time spent on payroll processing went from 332 hours a week across three departments down to 115 hours a week. “With the ERP integration, we were able to reuse the data already inside our ERP system to populate the information in Rhumbix, which was a huge efficiency,” Garcea said.

In addition to utilizing the Rhumbix Timekeeping app, RG Construction has also benefited from Rhumbix Custom Forms.

We started using your forms to help with the COVID guidelines. Tracking who has been vaccinated, what doses they received, and if they had been tested, which was a difficult task,” Fleck said. “Rhumbix created a couple of custom forms for us to help make it easier.

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