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Get the complete picture of project performance.

With Rhumbix Data Explorer, you can quickly build dashboards off the valuable field data captured by your field crews.

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Enhanced Enterprise Intelligence

Customize Your Own Reports & Dashboards

Rhumbix Data Explorer offers the ability to create and customize reports and dashboards to meet your specific needs and quickly answer your critical business questions. All data in Rhumbix can be brought together for self-serve customizable analytics on the platform.

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Use Resources Wisely —

Maximize the value of your data and your resources

Layering Rhumbix Data Explorer on top of your comprehensive field data provides significant flexibility and opportunity for value and insight generation.


    Data Explorer allows you to build custom reports and dashboards and share them with specific users and groups across the company. Data security and enterprise data filters ensure that users only see intelligence that they are responsible and accountable for, ensuring reporting efficiency and data integrity.


    Rhumbix stores all data within our native cloud platform and represents dashboards and insights in real time, avoiding delays and latency common in other disconnected data approaches.


    Data Explorer stores workflow data at the company level, allowing you to view insights and trends across the enterprise, and drill down to view project trends if needed allowing for the identification of opportunities for improvement that will deliver maximum impact.

Configurable dashboards

Roll Out Reporting Without Delay

Rhumbix Data Explorer makes it easy to build, maintain, and publish your own unique dashboards and reports with the people you choose.

Rhumbix Data Explorer

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Pain-free Implementation —

Implement Rhumbix in days not months.

Software implementation shouldn’t be a headache. Many of Rhumbix’s field forms can be trained and deployed in as little as 2 weeks. We work hard to keep trainings short, effective, and configured to your team's unique workflows.

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