Rhumbix is Workforce Telematics

Keep your projects running on-time and under budget with Rhumbix. We use timekeeping and production data collected from the field to generate real-time productivity and performance insights. 


Go Paperless

Go Paperless

  • Spend less time on paperwork and more time at the workface increasing field quality and productivity.
  • Cost code and report quantities in real-time to create daily metrics on project performance.
  • Get time cards right the first time to reduce administration and eliminate waste. 
Make Better Decisions Faster

Make Better Decisions Faster

  • Know whether your projects are profitable every day and act immediately to correct negative trends.
  • Identify and monitor changes to ensure you’re getting paid for extra work. 
  • Learn from automated daily time and motion studies to continuously improve site layout and field operations.
Create a Connected Workforce

Create a Connected Workforce

  • Ensure alignment between the office and the field on production and timekeeping data.
  • Inform and motivate your workforce with mobile dashboards showing crew and project progress.
  • Get immediate reports of delays to remove obstacles to getting the job done.

Now Integrated with Procore!


What People are Saying

This is the most-innovative thing we’re doing right now as a company.
— VP of Project Planning, ENR Top 20 General Contractor
I thought it was going to be hard to use…but it’s super easy.
— 20+ year Foreman, Transbay Terminal
It’s a no-brainer that this should be used on every construction project.
— Senior Project Manager, ENR Top 20 General Contractor
The first-hand construction experience on the Rhumbix team is evident in the product—they really understand what the industry needs.
— CEO, Building Trades Council