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Rhumbix’s data-driven solutions are transforming the way contractors and subcontractors track, manage, and improve their project’s success.

The data is the real power provided by the Rhumbix platform. Our users are able to harvest and input their data into the system in a very user friendly format; once the information is harvested from the field the platform allows our team to gain deeper insight to better drive our Project.



Andrew Cameron
Project Manager, Hensel Phelps

Our Approach

Connecting the field and home office with tools that empower your team

Intuitive tools for the field and office

The Rhumbix mobile app is built field-ready with easy-to-use tools for capturing and sharing field data while the web app enables the home office to stay connected throughout the project.

Built for the way you work

We understand that no two construction companies are built the same way. Rhumbix is highly configurable and customizable to better meet your specific needs and project workflows.

Save time with “Auto-magic” Forms

Take the headache out of field forms. Eliminate double-entry and errors while also utilizing mobile app form fields that automatically populate your data from the Rhumbix system.

Built for your unique workflows

At Rhumbix, we understand the unique challenges faced in the field. See how we can help your team.


Connect the home office with the field.

Analyze and optimize your project productivity with real-time data straight from the field.


Start collecting field data, not documents.

Get control of your data and gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your workflows and digitizing your paperwork.

General Contractors with Self Perform

Streamline your out-of-scope work.

Strengthen your workflows and optimize project productivity by transforming your field paperwork into field data.

Our Team

We are transforming the way
construction is built.

At Rhumbix, we are focused on continuously improving the way the world is designed and built by empowering the construction workforce with technology that delivers value to workers first. When you work at Rhumbix you’ll work with other like-minded individuals who truly want to make an impact on the construction industry.

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