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Rhumbix payroll hours

Over 235,000 projects trust Rhumbix.

Understand how labor, material, and equipment are driving your construction performance.

Bring all your reporting together in one easy-to-use tool built for the field. Transform time-consuming, error-prone reporting into digital field workflows that accelerate approvals and insights across your crews and projects.

Smarter tools built construction-ready

At Rhumbix, we started with the hardest part of performance tracking first—capturing and configuring time around labor, equipment, and materials that meet the unique needs of top contractors. The result is an easy-to-use tool that connects the field and operations with time-saving, data-driven reporting and analytics.


Built on Mobility

The best tool is the one your team actually uses. Our leading mobile app simplifies data capture in the field, giving every department stronger visibility into project performance in a fraction of the time.


Built on Data

Your team is spending hours each week creating, sharing, and managing reporting like timekeeping. Drastically reduce the time and effort while delivering powerful data that fuels time and resource analytics.


Built on Configurability

Configure workflows and analytics that give your team the project information they need in a simple, easy-to-use tool. Capture details critical for your team like time, resources, and compliance.

Smarter workflows built on time

Get time on your side with Rhumbix Labor & Resource Management. Let one of our construction experts show you how Rhumbix is built for the way your team works,

Software Designed for Specialty Trade Contractors

Discover field reporting workflows that work for you–faster, easier, more powerful.

Rhumbix Time and Materials

Customer Highlight —

RG Construction is saving over 200 work hours each week with Rhumbix. See how it easy it was.

By utilizing Rhumbix's leading field app and smart reporting workflows, RG Construction streamlined their timekeeping process, drastically reducing the time required for payroll processing spread across its payroll admins, superintendents, and foremen.

Who uses Rhumbix?

The Rhumbix Labor & Resource Management platform drives better results across your entire construction operations. From foremen to project managers to accounting and payroll, Rhumbix simplifies how teams capture and connect with the valuable performance data locked in their daily and weekly reports.

“Other solutions would have required us to change our business! Rhumbix was built for contractors. It’s the worker first philosophy that we fully appreciate.”

Robert Valderrama
Chief Project Delivery Officer
Robert Valderrama, Chief Project Delivery Officer


Total weekly savings from reducing the time and resources required for processing paper time cards with Rhumbix digital Timekeeping

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Pain-free Implementation —

Implement Rhumbix in days not months.

Software implementation shouldn’t be a headache. Many of Rhumbix’s field forms can be trained and deployed in as little as 2 weeks. We work hard to keep trainings short, effective, and configured to your team's unique workflows.

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Spend less time reporting and more time delivering better projects. From time-savings to real-time production insights, see why leading construction teams build on Rhumbix