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Construction Timekeeping that goes beyond.

See how Rhumbix data-driven timecards can drastically reduce time and deliver 4x the value.

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Faster timecards are just the start

Rhumbix Time & Resource Management simplifies construction timekeeping and payroll processing while unlocking real-time performance analytics and reporting.

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Mobile Ready —

Transform timekeeping into time-savings

The easy-to-use Rhumbix field app drastically reduces the time and effort required to capture and submit accurate, detailed timecards ready for payroll.

  • Project data at your fingertips

    Preloaded labor, cost code, materials, and equipment take the guess work out of project reporting

  • Cloud-based submissions

    Submit payroll-ready timecards straight from the field

  • Better documentation in less time

    Effortlessly associate detailed time against critical labor, cost codes, and equipments for a complete picture into productivity

Centralized Reporting

All your timekeeping in one place

Bring together all your timekeeping into a single source of truth and unlock data-driven payroll processing that drastically reduces the time and resources required to ensure paychecks are accurate and sent out on-time each and every work week.

Rhumbix Timekeeping Weekly Report

Proven performance on over 235,000+ projects

Proven Construction Timekeeping results

Buried in your timekeeping data is critical performance data around your labor, materials, and equipment. See how Rhumbix has unlocked the full potential of construction timekeeping for leading contractors.


Over 3 million data-driven timecards have been submitted using Rhumbix's intuitive field app.


100 million crew hours have been captured payroll-ready saving teams thousands of admin hours.


With over $4B in crew wages captured, Rhumbix understands your unique reporting needs.

Sky scrapers and clouds

Customer Highlight —

Sprig Electric reduced timekeeping and payroll processing by 360 hours, saving $36K per week

With a field of nearly 600 team members, Sprig’s 180 project foremen gathered paper timecards and manually entered the information into an excel spreadsheet. The manual process was quickly becoming a costly, time-wasting, administrative nightmare.

A Smarter Tool from the Ground Up

Take the work out of your workflows with a construction tool that has you covered. Confidently manage your projects on a rock solid solution built for the way you work.

Workflow Automation

Deliver better reporting in a fraction of the time with preloaded lists, auto-generated fields.

Payroll Reporting Requirements

Easily ensure labor rates are properly documented and attributed (eg. union).

Rock-solid Audit Trail

Time-stamped actions within Rhumbix means you have records of every action.

Open API Accessibility

Structured data and open API means you can take your proprietary data even further.

Trusted Security

Compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR, using advanced encryption and more.

Data Backup & Retention

Never fear the loss of reporting data with secure backups of your entire instance.

Scalable Architecture

Data redundancy and backups in multiple zones that can scale with usage.

Centralized Data Governance

Fully control roles, permissions, and accessibility across your workspace.

Administrative Cloud

Centrally manage users, projects, and approval workflows across your system.

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Pain-free Implementation —

Implement Rhumbix in days not months.

Software implementation shouldn’t be a headache. Many of Rhumbix’s field forms can be trained and deployed in as little as 2 weeks. We work hard to keep trainings short, effective, and configured to your team's unique workflows.

Get started with Rhumbix today.

Spend less time reporting and more time delivering better projects. From time-savings to real-time production insights, see why leading construction teams build on Rhumbix