Field Teams —

The easiest way to collect and track data from the field.

Rhumbix is built for the field, loved by the office.

The Importance of Digitizing and Consolidating Field Workflows for Trade Contractors
Built for the way you work

Making the field more efficient

Reduce the time and effort it takes to collect, review, and process field submissions like timecards and change order tickets. Rhumbix makes it easy and pain-free for the field team.

Rhumbix Field Team App

Field Reporting —

Eliminate paper forms, excel sheets and manual uploads

No more manual tasks, delays, or data re-entry. Field reporting like timecards or dailies are built from preloaded crew, cost code, equipment, and material list for increased accuracy and are easily downloaded to .csv or directly integrated.

Rhumbix Field Team App

Mobile and Easy —

Standardized reporting across all crews and projects together in one place

Gain instant access to standardized reporting with cloud-based submissions straight from the field on every project. Centralized dashboards make it easy to search, filter, and review reporting across your crews and different projects.

Rhumbix Field Team App

Configurable Workflows —

Reporting the way you need it

You configure Rhumbix the way you work. Not the other way like other construction software. Ensure that hours are categorized and billed at the appropriate rates and easily identify project, crew, and exceptions on intelligent dashboards across your crews and projects.

Features built for the Field

Rhumbix makes it easy to collect data in the field. General contractors—and their subcontractors need to spend more time working and less time on administrative tasks.

Collaborative icon

Collaborative Reporting

All your reporting across your crews and projects in ONE place, instantly accessible. No more tracking down paperwork or in-person handoffs. No more double entry.

Data Sharing icon

Data Sharing Across Forms

Use data collected on critical reports like timecards to auto-generate additional forms like daily construction reports and time & material tickets.

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Daily Reports

No more staying late to create daily reports. Walk around and collect data seamlessly with pre-loaded cost, material, time data, and instantly share important information stakeholders.

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One Mobile App–All Your Forms

Fast and efficient mobile forms improve accuracy and mean general contractors and subcontractors spend up to 90% less time on paperwork. Configure professionally-designed forms for the way you work.

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A Single Source of Truth for Field Data

Rhumbix provides general contractors and subcontractors with the right information to make decisions and drive construction labor productivity, reduce costs and rework.

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Configured to your workflows

Capture your critical reporting requirements your way. The flexible Rhumbix platform means you can deliver the reporting your way.

Bernward Construction

“We had one foreman who didn’t even know where the app store was on his phone which made for a difficult starting point. But after taking him through the system a few times, he quickly bought into how much better and easier the process was. He probably submits the best tickets out of anyone on the team now. He literally went from ‘I don’t know here the app store is’ to ‘this is easy’ in no time.”

Henry Keith,Director of Interiors, Bernward Construction

Tools that transform the field

Transform time-consuming, inefficient workflows into your competitive advantage with easy-to-use field tools that increase reporting accuracy and deliver real-time insights.

Rhumbix Time and Materials

Customer Highlight —

Eliminate Field Frustration & Streamline with Integrations

An outdated time tracking process caused additional problems including delays in payment and lacking correct cost codes for accurate payments.

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