Digitization offers relief by streamlining tasks and generating accurate data.

The Rhumbix promotes and measures safe practices. Paper-based systems hinder timely action and effective measurement, creating significant challenges for construction companies.

Rhumbix Field Reports
Improvements in Health & Safety Reporting

Critical Health & Safety Workflows on Job Sites.

Our form and workflow engine offers substantial benefits over standalone form builders by utilizing data sharing between workflows, minimizing the need for redundant data entry, and gives your foremen one place to manage their data and reporting.

Rhumbix Field Reports

Powerful Insights from Connected Health & Safety Reporting —

Rhumbix makes standardization and consolidation simple to reduce risk.

Metrics like task switching frequency and completion rates of safety workflows provide valuable insights into workplace safety. Combining timekeeping and safety data allows for identifying trends, managing exceptions, and incentivizing safety tasks effectively.

Rhumbix Field Reports

Avoid Foremen App Fatigue and Consolidate Your Field Tools —

Rhumbix is a single tool designed around your foremen’s day-to-day reporting needs.

Stop making your foremen use multiple apps for different reporting workflows and give them one tool to master. App fatigue is real, and foremen want to be performing work, not navigating multiple apps. Rhumbix empowers your foremen with one app that supports all of your internal field reporting requirements. Whether it be safety, materials management, compliance, quality, observations and checklists, Rhumbix can take your current forms and workflows and incorporate them seamlessly into a single digital experience your field leaders will love.

Data Sharing Between Workflows

Avoid Duplicative Data Entry and Reimagine Foremen Reporting

Many of the key foremen reporting workflows leverage similar data, yet separate applications require them to enter the same information over and over. Rhumbix supports data sharing and transformation of data between workflows so your foremen enter the data once, and let Rhumbix intelligent field reporting do the rest.

Field Data - Reimagined

Create a single actionable source for your most important field data and insights.

Most form solutions all have one significant weakness - they omit the context of time and productivity from their reporting. Rhumbix combines field form data from across a range of reporting workflows to create a single source of truth for your field insights. Rhumbix data is structured, accessible, and rich in context, allowing you to derive actionable insights across domains of construction management reporting in ways that most other tools cannot achieve.

Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Insights

Access enterprise grade data and analytics tools for embedded and automated reporting, analytics and dashboards.

Most construction data tools (ERPs u0026 PM tools) don’t handle field data well resulting in data silos, missing insights, and lost opportunities. Rhumbix builds upon the foundation of integrated, cross-functional field reporting workflows with a comprehensive back-end data architecture allowing customers to create, store, navigate, access and leverage their data with a combination of modern, class-leading data solutions.

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Cloud-based Reporting

All your reporting across your crews and projects in ONE place, instantly accessible. No more tracking down paperwork or in-person handoffs.

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Data Sharing Across Forms

Use data collected on critical reports like timecards to auto-generate additional forms like daily construction reports and time u0026 material tickets.

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Digitize Your Office

Remove manual entry and delayed reporting from the field. Office staff love the centralized dashboards, real-time updates and robust filters.

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One Tool–All Your Data

Fast and efficient mobile forms improve accuracy and mean general contractors and subcontractors spend up to 90% less time on paperwork. Configure professionally-designed forms for the way you work.

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Configured to your workflows

Capture your critical reporting requirements your way. The flexible Rhumbix platform means you can deliver the reporting your way.

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Ready-Built Integrations

Rhumbix works seamlessly with industry leading construction ERP, accounting and business intelligence tools. No more switching tools to get the info you need.

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“You better try Rhumbix. Seriously, this thing is life changing—even for people like me who don’t like change. I made the change to Rhumbix, and I couldn’t be any happier with that decision. Had I not done this, I think I would have been depressed. I’m not exaggerating, it’s the honest truth. I’ve been doing this work for 13 years, and Rhumbix has been one of the most impactful tools I have ever used.”

Vedya Boodwa,Payroll Admin, Stonebridge Steel Erection

Tools that make your job easier

Transform time-consuming, inefficient workflows into your competitive advantage with easy-to-use field tools that increase reporting accuracy and deliver real-time insights.

Rhumbix Time and Materials

Customer Highlight —

Payroll department saves 17 hours a week using Rhumbix Timekeeping u0026 Payroll

With the continued growth in both the number and scale of its steel erection projects, Stonebridge’s manual timekeeping and payroll process was creating massive inefficiencies and headaches for the team.

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