Time & Materials Tracking & Field Change Orders —

Manage change orders & eliminate paperwork.

Rhumbix keeps everyone on the same page by eliminating late and lost time and materials tags.

Rhumbix Time & Materials Tracking
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Mobile T&M for Your Field

Keep time and materials and out-of-scope work on track.

The Rhumbix Time and Materials (T&M) tracking solution digitizes and automates the T&M process from field creation of the T&M ticket by your foremen through to pricing and processing by personnel in the office.

Rhumbix Time and Materials Cost Codes

Mobile T&M for Your Field —

Save time, enhance efficiency, and avoid lost tickets.

Eliminate the burden of managing paper T&M slips with a configurable platform that allows you to move your T&M process to a fully digital workflow. Avoid late and lost T&M tickets, and have immediate real-time visibility into costs, resources, back up documentation, and all necessary approvals.

  • Enhanced Awareness into Project Risks

    PMs are empowered with real-time insight into T&M risks on their jobs by having immediate insights and intelligence into the quantity and magnitude of T&M on their projects. T&M data includes construction labor costs, equipment and materials consumption, all supported by backup documentation, photographs, and narratives.

  • Accelerated Recovery, Reduced Administration, Better Outcomes

    Time is money when it comes to T&M processing and recovery. Rhumbix provides all stakeholders in the T&M process a reliable set of documents and data that help you defend your position, leading to quicker processing, a reduced administrative burden and faster payments.

  • Reduced Disputes

    Rhumbix T&M tickets are a reliable and verifiable history of your T&M work that dramatically increases reimbursement rates, decreases costly processing delays, and protects your position when it comes to T&M recovery.

One Dashboard. All of your Time & Materials.

Make ‘at-risk’ work less risky with our reporting and tracking solutions.

Rhumbix delivers cloud-hosted dashboards that provide real-time visibility into the state of T&M on all of your projects from one holistic view. This important data permits unparalleled management and oversight of T&M, allowing identification of risk areas before they become a problem.

Rhumbix Time & Materials Tracking

Proven performance on over 235,000+ projects

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Customer Highlight —

Top ENR general contractor saves project managers 16 hours a week using Rhumbix Time & Materials Tracking

The manual system of time and materials tracking was not aligned with Suffolk's core commitment to collaborative and transformative construction practices leading the company to explore process improvements.

A Smarter Tool from the Ground Up

Take the work out of your workflows with a construction tool that has you covered. Confidently manage your projects on a rock solid solution built for the way you work.

Workflow Automation

Deliver better reporting in a fraction of the time with preloaded lists, auto-generated fields.

Rapid Deployment

Easily bring new users into the platform or deploy new reporting workflows across crews.

Rock-solid Audit Trail

Time-stamped actions within Rhumbix means you have records of every action.

Open API Accessibility

Structured data and open API means your can take your proprietary data even further.

Trusted Security

Compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR, using advanced encryption and more.

Data Backup & Retention

Never fear the loss of reporting data with secure backups of your entire instance.

Scalable Architecture

Data redundancy and backups in multiple zones that can scale with usage.

Centralized Data Governance

Fully control roles, permissions, and accessibility across your workspace.

Administrative Cloud

Centrally manage users, projects, and approval workflows across your system.

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Pain-free Implementation —

Implement Rhumbix in days not months.

Software implementation shouldn’t be a headache. Many of Rhumbix’s field forms can be trained and deployed in as little as 2 weeks. We work hard to keep trainings short, effective, and configured to your team's unique workflows.

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