Payroll & Accounting —

Simplify project reporting and speed up payroll processing

Take the headache out of critical field workflows like timekeeping and out-scope tracking.

Payroll & Accounting
Built for automation

Decrease Payroll Processing by 75%

Simplify processes and eliminate paper to speed up timekeeping and payroll processes to improve overall project management and accounting practices.

Rhumbix Payroll & Accounting

Office Ready Reporting —

Clean, structured, and ready for processing straight from the field

No more deciphering handwriting, time-consuming back-and-forth, or data re-entry. Field reports like timecards are built from preloaded crew, cost code, equipment, and material list for increased accuracy and are easily downloaded to .csv or directly integrated.

Rhumbix Payroll & Accounting

Centralized Dashboards —

All reporting across crews and projects together in one place

Gain instant access to reporting with cloud-based submissions straight from the field. Centralized dashboards make it easy to search, filter, and review reporting across your crews and projects.

Rhumbix Payroll & Accounting

Less Time on Paperwork —

No more duplicate data entry. Everything is digital.

Eliminate paper timecards while reducing errors and payroll delays with an easy-to-use mobile construction app for time tracking that’s integrated into the payroll process.

Features built for Payroll & Accounting

Rhumbix is designed for you to collaborate from the field to the office. We make it easy for payroll managers, accounting and office staff to work with the field while spending less time on paperwork.

Cloud based icon

Cloud-based Reporting

All your reporting across your crews and projects in ONE place, instantly accessible. No more tracking down paperwork or in-person handoffs.

Data Sharing icon

Data Sharing Across Forms

Use data collected on critical reports like timecards to auto-generate additional forms like daily construction reports and time & material tickets.

Field data icon

Digitize Your Office

Remove manual entry and delayed reporting from the field. Office staff love the centralized dashboards, real-time updates and robust filters.

Mobile web icon

One Mobile App & Desktop Viewer–All Your Data

Fast and efficient mobile forms improve accuracy and mean general contractors and subcontractors spend up to 90% less time on paperwork. Configure professionally-designed forms for the way you work.

Configurable icon

Configured to your workflows

Capture your critical reporting requirements your way. The flexible Rhumbix platform means you can deliver the reporting your way.

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Ready-Built Integrations

Rhumbix works seamlessly with industry leading construction ERP, accounting and business intelligence tools. No more switching tools to get the info you need.

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“You better try Rhumbix. Seriously, this thing is life changing—even for people like me who don’t like change. I made the change to Rhumbix, and I couldn’t be any happier with that decision. Had I not done this, I think I would have been depressed. I’m not exaggerating, it’s the honest truth. I’ve been doing this work for 13 years, and Rhumbix has been one of the most impactful tools I have ever used.”

Vedya Boodwa,Payroll Admin, Stonebridge Steel Erection

Tools that make your job easier

Transform time-consuming, inefficient workflows into your competitive advantage with easy-to-use field tools that increase reporting accuracy and deliver real-time insights.

Rhumbix Time and Materials

Customer Highlight —

Payroll department saves 17 hours a week using Rhumbix Timekeeping & Payroll

With the continued growth in both the number and scale of its steel erection projects, Stonebridge’s manual timekeeping and payroll process was creating massive inefficiencies and headaches for the team.

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