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“We’ve received a ton of positive feedback on Rhumbix from our subcontractors. A lot of subs actually said they have been waiting for something like this. There were obviously some subs in which any new technology makes them hesitant, but once we explained how the platform would benefit them, they were quick to jump on the system. I would say 99 percent of the subcontractors we trained were ready to hit the ground running after walking them through submitting their first or second digital T&M ticket.”

Anna Schab,Project Engineer, Suffolk
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A field solution for your entire team

Discover a sanity-saving reporting tool for your field to deliver the accurate, timely project data your team needs—from payroll to project management.

Rhumbix Time and Materials Cost Codes

Field Ready —

Capture project details in a fraction of the time.

From crew hours worked to cost codes to production quantities, simplify how your foremen and field crews document and share critical field reports

  • One, easy-to-use app for multiple workflows

    An intuitive field tool to save foremen time. Stop collecting paper and start collecting digital field data.

  • Preloaded crew, cost code, material, and equipment

    Increased reporting accuracy at your fingertips. Stop guessing and start knowing where you project stands.

  • Real-time reporting from the field

    Eliminate in-person handoffs and reporting delays with cloud-based submissions that deliver instant access to project teams.

Centralized Reporting

The data your team needs to make better project decisions.

Strengthen your workflows by going digital. Connect your team and other software systems with the field data they need to streamline review, approval, and reporting processes.

Rhumbix General Contractor Time & Materials Tracking


A single source of truth

Easily centralize and standardize all your project reporting across crews and projects for increased visibility into project performance and potential issues.


Search, filter, and group

No more sifting through stacks of papers and spreadsheets to find the answers you need. Data-driven reporting delivers the project details you need instantly.


Ready to connect

Structured reporting means your data is payroll, ERP, and project management ready straight form the field. No more data re-entry or reformatting required.

Features built for General Contractors

Rhumbix is designed for you to collaborate from the field to the office. We make it easy for general contractors and their subcontractors to spend less time on paperwork.

Cloud-based Reporting

All your reporting across your crews and projects in ONE place, instantly accessible. No more tracking down paperwork or in-person handoffs.

Data Sharing Across Forms

Use data collected on critical reports like a time card to autogenerate additional forms like daily construction reports and time & material tickets.

Duplicate Forms

Your crews doing. that same or similar work from the previous day? Simply duplicate the timecard and make the needed edits to streamline reporting.

Professionally Formatted Reports

Transform time cards, daily reports, and time & material tickets into consistent, professional reports you'll be proud to share with project stakeholders.

Coversheets & Bundling

Easily collect the reports you need by filtering by date, project, or cost code and bundle them together with coversheet summary.

Off-line Mode

Your projects can take your places where cell service doesn't go. Easily capture timecards on your phone and have it sync once you reconnect.

External Approvals (Guest Mode)

Need to share out-of-scope tickets for approval. Easily send professionally formatted tickets via email or text for approvals in a fraction of the time.

Administrative Cloud

Centrally manage users, projects, and approval workflows across your system from one place to but the control in your teams hands.

Compliance, Backup & Retention

Timestamp every edit and approval in your workflow. Never fear the loss of reporting data with secure backups of your entire instance.

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Pain-free Implementation —

Implement Rhumbix in days not months.

Software implementation shouldn’t be a headache. Many of Rhumbix’s field forms can be trained and deployed in as little as 2 weeks. We work hard to keep trainings short, effective, and configured to your team's unique workflows.

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Customer Highlight —

Top ENR general contractor saves project managers 16 hours a week using Rhumbix Time & Materials Tracking

The manual system of time and materials tracking was not aligned with Suffolk's core commitment to collaborative and transformative construction practices leading the company to explore process improvements.

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