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[WEBINAR] Construction Timekeeping and Payroll Solutions 

RhumbixOctober 04, 2022 • 2 min read

Keeping track of paper timecards and manual reporting is stressful and takes nearly 90% longer than using a digital solution. On top of that, it creates unnecessary back and forth between payroll and the field to ensure accurate timecards.


Whether you are thinking about replacing an existing timekeeping system or beginning to research your options for the first time, there is no shortage of construction technology solutions available. Fast-track your decision-making with our informative and straightforward video guide


“Our requirements when evaluating solutions were ease of operation and reliability. We require something that is user-friendly for the field staff. Essentially, the goal was to find the right fit solution at a reasonable cost. That’s what led me to choose Rhumbix. I knew we’d have just what we needed now to meet our needs, but I could see how Rhumbix would grow with us and meet our needs as they changed.” – CINDY ODDEN, Bookkeeper, Glen Fern Construction


Simple, fast, and accurate timekeeping

Figuring out where to begin is half the battle. Rhumbix can help digitize field paperwork and provide real-time data, reducing your payroll processing time by up to 20 hours per week. What would that mean for your team to have 20 hours back in their workweek? 


In this webinar, you will learn a better way to manage timekeeping and payroll.

  • Make better decisions faster: Use built-in cost code status and labor distribution reports to improve productivity.
  • Collect real-time field data: No more late or inaccurate timecards forcing you to triple-check all the data.
  • Ready-built integrations: Designed to work with industry-leading construction ERP and accounting tools to deliver the data you need to keep payroll on schedule.


“Moving to Rhumbix has been so nice! Our ask of the crew and foremen is the same: submit your time. Yet, now instead of submitting on paper tickets or Excel, they just use Rhumbix. This eliminates any previous excuses of no computer or no connectivity to fill out and turn in their timesheets. Now, everyone in the field can use Rhumbix anywhere with just a smartphone. It takes them the same amount of time, allows daily tracking instead of weekly, and cuts out paper T&M tickets that are easy to lose.”  – MALLORY GURTZ, COO, Gurtz Electric Co.


Watch the on-demand timekeeping and payroll webinar

Take the first step to getting control of your timekeeping and payroll workflows by listening in on how to make better decisions faster using built-in cost code status and labor distribution reports to improve productivity.

This short webinar will take you through a timekeeping and payroll workflow to show how Rhumbix can benefit your construction business. To learn more about spending less time on paperwork, access our on-demand webinar here.