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Electrical Contractor Decreases Payroll Processing by 75% with Rhumbix Timekeeping

Gurtz Electric has drastically increased the efficiency of their payroll team while also gaining better insight into project performance. With total payroll processing time reduced from two full days to less than a half, the Gurtz team has more time to focus on the work that really matters.


Decrease in Payroll Processing Time


Elimination of paper timecard submissions


Adoption of mobile timekeeping in the field

“We wanted to eliminate paper processes for T&M. The paper tickets are impossible to track. Plus, we’re processing payroll for hundreds of electricians every week, per union rules. Getting the foremen to submit time from the field for themselves and crew via spreadsheet every Monday was a chore in itself. Then that information was manually entered into our accounting software. It was tedious and inefficient. We knew we could do better.”

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About Gurtz Electric Co.

For four family generations, Gurtz Electric Co. has served the Chicagoland area since 1932. The company primarily tackles multi-million-dollar projects in healthcare and high-rise residential, as well as institutional, data centers, manufacturing, and stadiums & entertainment. Experts in electrical construction in an increasingly connected world, Gurtz Electric appreciates innovations for reliable communication. With upwards of 350 electricians, including 50 foremen managing complex projects, the company invested in a better system and improved processes for timekeeping and time and materials tracking.

The Challenge

Recognizing the size and scope of their projects demanded more payroll efficiency and project transparency, Gurtz Electric sought to eliminate paper processes and insufficient spreadsheets they used for timecard collection and payroll and improve how they tracked T&M for time and materials contracts.

Electricians and foremen at Gurtz would report their timecards by submitting paper tickets and updating Excel files, typically on a weekly basis and when they had connectivity in the field. Next, the accounting department would review the information submitted and manually enter it into their payroll system. Not only a tedious, two-day process, this method also lacked cost codes, making it difficult to know if projects were performing over budget. Gurtz leadership knew a more efficient and accurate method was essential to their continued success.

A particular challenge Gurtz Electric wanted to solve was the limited view that project managers and executives had into the number of hours being spent on a job and how that time was allocated. Their timesheets in Excel (without cost codes and submitted weekly) made it difficult for the team to identify labor overages if they happened. This disconnect also restricted their insight into performance and hindered their ability to improve future bidding and project execution. Only by implementing a solution that allowed valuable transparency and more timely insight into labor and budget spend could Gurtz Electric achieve better project profitability.

The Solution

Gurtz Electric knew that having one software allowing them to simplify multiple processes and eliminate paper use would speed up their timekeeping and payroll processes, and improve overall project management and accounting practices. The team sought out a single, flexible solution that anyone on the team could quickly and easily use–whether in the field or office, in accounting or project management, or using the application on a computer or a mobile device.

The Gurtz team discovered products featured at the NECA Convention & Trade Show and were interested in learning more about Rhumbix. Following a software demo and evaluation, Gurtz Electric realized that Rhumbix was completely in line with the contractor’s mission to eliminate paper processes. The solution would also be easy to implement because the timekeeping process would mirror the spreadsheet process that Gurtz’s field and accounting teams were familiar with, yet allow numerous improvements, such as the ability to track cost codes and integration with the company’s accounting software.

Gurtz Electric knew that people are often averse to change, so they wanted a user-friendly timekeeping application that the field would eagerly and easily adopt. With options to use a web and mobile app, Rhumbix delivered the flexibility Gurtz’s field and accounting teams needed to accomplish tasks in a timely manner and with greater detail of cost codes.

Having a solution like Rhumbix that works exactly how we need it has been incredible. Our feedback about features and innovations has been well received, and we continue to see enhancements that improve our processes. In fact, when we first started on Rhumbix, the T&M Tracking solution wasn’t available yet, and we were encouraged to share input with their development team about functionality that users need … and now we have it in the app! Another enhancement we’re excited to see can send T&M tickets to a general contractor for a signature without them having a Rhumbix account. This really speeds up the flow, eliminates more paper, and makes it easy for us to collaborate with our project partners. – MALLORY GURTZ | COO, Gurtz Electric Co.

The Results

The Gurtz Electric team has been able to do so much more than reducing paper and saving time, which satisfies key software implementation goals. Rhumbix Timekeeping & Payroll has allowed the accounting department to reduce the payroll processing time by 75% by removing manual entry and delayed reporting from the field. Nearly 80% of the company’s payroll is managed via Rhumbix, and they are moving toward having 100% because the solution is so efficient.

Rhumbix Time & Materials Tracking gives Gurtz Electric all the detail they need in one platform. They can cost code their labor to see on a daily basis how projects are performing. Moreover, they take that information and build up historical data around their jobs, which allows them to compare estimates to actual work performed and see how categories break down. Project managers and executives at Gurtz Electric appreciate this new level of visibility into where they are performing on point, where they have weaknesses, and how to improve future estimates and processes leveraging this knowledge.

Rhumbix Timekeeping & Payroll and T&M Tracking checks lots of boxes–user friendly, flexible, saves time, reduces paper, easy integration, and improves communication between field and office. Replacing our outdated, manual methods with Rhumbix has empowered our management team to evaluate jobs with greater visibility into workforce performance and leverage their strengths. Transparency about hours being spent allows our project managers to catch labor overages and keep us on track. Plus, Rhumbix helps us improve our data gathering for better historical knowledge about projects, which informs how we more effectively estimate future jobs. – MALLORY GURTZ , COO, Gurtz Electric Co.

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