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RhumbixNovember 04, 2022 • 5 min read

Get the complete picture of project performance.

Every contractor is looking for a better way to track and manage their project time and resources. Gaining visibility into field-level productivity means capturing the unique and specific performance metrics surrounding labor, materials, and equipment that most affect your projects and teams.

Rhumbix Data Explorer unlocks the decision-quality analytics that meets your construction team’s unique challenges and needs. Rhumbix Data Explorer connects the powerful time and resource data tools of Field Analytix™ with the advanced configurability needed to put personalized, real-time reporting analytics into the hands of your team.

Data Explorer lets you choose when to automatically send reports to recipients.

Unique Construction Needs Unique Insights.

In construction, no two contractors are the same. Each faces a unique set of construction and building challenges based on its size, location, project focus, and team makeup. Every contractor wants to understand their performance and build insights around highly differentiated data and reporting criteria based on their needs and workflows. An excavation team in Texas faces significantly different performance criteria to a steel erector in New York.

Unfortunately, most construction reporting and insight tools lack three critical elements—mobility, data, and configurability. Simply put, most construction technology makes it difficult to accurately capture time and resource details, connect data into a single view of performance, and configure analytics that is easily accessible to more than just a select few. And while mobility and data are critical components of capturing and connecting details of labor, material, and equipment utilization, configurability is the linchpin for delivering the actionable insights your team needs.

Better Analytics. Better Decisions.

Build your own Labor Distribution dashboard to help visualize the type of labor being used across projects.

To effectively understand construction productivity and avoid costly delays and errors, construction teams need real-time visibility into critical project metrics surrounding their time and resource utilization. This field-level performance data is primarily hidden, incomplete, delayed, locked away by highly manual workflows like paper and spreadsheets, or spread across reporting systems.

The Rhumbix Time & Resource Management solution makes it easy for field crews and project teams to easily capture the unique data surrounding labor time, material usage, and equipment utilization and immediately unlock insights down to the specific cost code level. By combining Rhumbix Time & Resource Management with Rhumbix Data Explorer, teams can gain unrivaled control of how they view, filter, group, and share insights based on their specific role or project need. With Rhumbix Data Explorer, your team can:

  • See a complete picture of your project status and performance
  • Quick-start reporting, no IT needed
  • Reduce risks and increase productivity
  • View project data in real-time 
  • Simplified communication
  • Improved project collaboration
  • Consistent, professional-looking reports
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly report delivery

Configurability for How You Work Now and in the Future.

Use Data Explorer to configure the Cost Code Status dashboard and to track cost code usage across projects.

At the heart of Rhumbix Data Explorer is the unique ability to configure around data and analytics needs. Our leading structured data platform enables teams to easily craft workflows and analytics that deliver critical insights around current field-level production needs and quickly adapt as the business grows and evolves. The advanced configurability of Rhumbix means that your team does not need to worry about 1. Changing your project workflows, 2. Connecting multiple field reporting systems, and 3. Finding a new tool every time the business environment changes.


Rhumbix Data Explorer offers the ability to create and customize reports and dashboards to quickly answer critical business questions. All data in Rhumbix can be brought together for self-serve customizable analytics on the platform.


With Rhumbix Data Explorer for timekeeping and production tracking, you can: 

  • Build and save customizable dashboards
  • Create custom calculation fields
  • Start dashboards from templates/recipes or create them from scratch
  • Organize dashboards into folders
  • Roll out custom dashboards across your company
  • Create alerts and schedule reports
  • Access and build dashboards using existing timekeeping and production tracking templates
Configure the Worker Hours dashboard and the Absences dashboard to easily check employee absences.

The Rhumbix construction software platform is easy-to-use and gives users the ability they need to create a visual representation of project data to assist in decision-making.


Rhumbix is made for construction by construction. Since we designed our products to be mobile-first and used in the field, Rhumbix users can begin using Data Explorer as soon as they are provided access. Current Rhumbix Timekeeping and Production Tracking users can reach out to their Customer Success Manager to schedule a demo and purchase Data Explorer as an add-on. 

Schedule a Data Explorer demo today.  

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