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[NEW PRODUCT] Rhumbix Toolbox Talk

RhumbixJune 20, 2023 • 4 min read

Support construction worksite compliance & productivity, download 80+ forms

We are excited to introduce our new product, Rhumbix Toolbox Talk, designed to improve compliance, communication, and safety in the construction industry. This blog post will provide an in-depth introduction to this tool and its features. The construction industry is constantly evolving, and it is crucial to streamline communication processes and prioritize the well-being of workers on-site. With Rhumbix Toolbox Talk, we offer a comprehensive solution that enables seamless collaboration, real-time updates, and improved safety practices. Join us as we explore how this product can improve your construction projects.

What is a toolbox talk? 

A toolbox talk is a casual safety discussion, typically held by a foreman or field supervisor with their crew, to review specific safety hazards and safe work practices. 

While they can be held anytime, they are typically conducted at the beginning of a work shift to align thinking on safe work practices and to provide a moment for all crew members to consider how best to perform their work safely during that shift. 

Toolbox talks aim to provide safety reminders, brief refreshers, and quick lessons on relevant safety topics. They provide supervision and a chance to answer questions on safe work practices, highlight any risk or exposure areas on the job site, and provide further guidance or support where needed. 

As such, toolbox talks are a vital element of the reinforcing behavior required of effective safety programs. 

How should they be used?

Before digitizing field workflows became commonplace, toolbox talks were typically managed in the following way: 

  • A foreman is issued with a toolbox talk topic in a printed pdf. 
  • The toolbox is delivered with the pdf as a reference. 
  • Ideally, attendees would confirm their attendance at the toolbox talks with a manual sign-in sheet. 
  • Completed toolbox talks and sign-in sheets will be retained for reference. 

Benefits of Digitizing Toolbox Talks

While this process is relatively simple, there are a few key weaknesses that digitization in a platform such as Rhumbix enables. 

Efficiency: Toolbox talks are often scheduled, but if the foreman elects to schedule an ad hoc discussion in the field, perhaps in response to an observation of unsafe practices or behaviors, having access to all relevant materials at their fingertips is valuable. Rhumbix gives access to 80+ toolbox talks across a range of topics, ensuring that should they be required, foremen have instant access to the critical information they contain. 

Data & Reporting: From a compliance perspective, understanding who delivered and received toolbox talks is essential to both compliance and safety management system health. By digitizing these records and bringing compliance data to the forefront, companies can better measure the health of their safety programs and identify where areas for improvement are needed. This data can deliver powerful KPIs and metrics that are leading indicators of adherence to safety management system elements and provide timely and reliable feedback to management teams. 

What are the added benefits of including this data in your digital timekeeping platform: 

The benefits mentioned above are not unique to Rhumbix – most digital form solutions deliver enhancements over paper – however, some significant benefits accrue to companies who actively combine timekeeping data with safety management to generate additional insight. 

By bringing timekeeping – the history of what activities people were working on – and safety compliance into one platform, companies are empowered with critical metrics around hazard frequency. You’ll know how many people are exposed to certain risk elements based on the hours people spend working on specific tasks. Combining timekeeping data with your safety platform at the source empowers customers with leading indicators on project safety while confirming which workers and foremen should have received safety training because they also received time. Managing this data in separate systems is highly burdensome and, in our experience, rarely happens. A solution like Rhumbix brings two, typically discrete, workflows together and delivers incredibly powerful insights off the back of the data. 

What Toolbox Talks Do You Include in Rhumbix?

Toolbox talks can be highly contextual based on the scope of work activities, but they can also be generic. Rhumbix is digitizing Toolbox talks publicly available and published by organizations such as NIOSH, OSHA, and other leading safety agencies and organizations to ensure quality content.
We can also digitize customers’ in-house content so the experience for the field teams remains consistent, minimizing the need for retraining. 

If you want to see Rhumbix’s toolbox talk in action, feel free to drop us a line at or schedule a demo. Ask us about the Spanish and French versions.