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[ON-DEMAND VIDEO] Simplify Out-of-Scope Tracking & Approvals

RhumbixOctober 04, 2022 • 2 min read

Learn how digital time and materials tracking drives stronger visibility and faster approvals.

Fast-track your decision-making with our informative and straightforward video guide. With Rhumbix Guest Mode, you can centralize your reporting dashboards and simplify and connect your out-of-scope approval process, providing complete visibility into ticket approval status across all your projects and teams.

Learn how Rhumbix can help:

  • Share forms instantly with project partners, not on the Rhumbix platform
  • Collaborate, sign and verify time and materials approvals with non-Rhumbix users
  • Easily group and share detailed, professional-looking time and materials tickets
  • Expedite time and materials approvals with easy adoption and simple automation.

“Having a solution like Rhumbix that works exactly how we need it has been incredible. Our feedback about features and innovations has been well received, and we continue to see enhancements that improve our processes.” – MALLORY GURTZ | COO, Gurtz Electric Co.

This webinar is for you if you have these common pain points:

  • Time wasted trying to find approvers in the field to receive sign-off.
  • Delayed time and materials approval process for all business parties.
  • Frustrating partner experiences for GCs, Owners, and other partners.
  • Lack of visibility into time & materials approvals for the field and project teams.

Watch how Rhumbix solves these pain points and more!

Subcontractors can now receive time and materials approvals without tracking down your GC in the field or having them directly sign up for Rhumbix. Easily share time and materials forms from the Rhumbix platform with your partners, and have them verify and approve from virtually any location.

This short webinar will take you through an out-of-scope approval demo to show how Rhumbix can benefit your construction business. To learn more about spending less time on paperwork, access our on-demand webinar here.