Rhumbix Improvements | Mobile v4.34

RhumbixMay 06, 2021 • 2 min read

Our team at Rhumbix is happy to announce v4.34 of our Rhumbix Mobile App on iOS and Android! v.4.34 brings an exciting new feature for Timekeeping.

Offline Timekeeping

In v4.34, Timekeeping users can create time cards without being connected to the internet! This means that on jobsites with weak or no network connectivity, Rhumbix will still help users proceed with their workflows and fill out time cards for their teams.

While using the Rhumbix App on a device not connected to the internet, users will see a grey banner at the top of the page indicating they are offline. While this is displayed, Timekeeping users can still continue their normal workflows and build their time cards, record absences, add notes, and submit at a later time. Timecards will be set in a pending state and will submit when the device is connected back to the internet.

Check out this Training Video and our Support Center for more information on how to use Offline Timekeeping .

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