Rhumbix Web Release Update | Summer 2022

Chelsie La VrarNovember 16, 2022 • 2 min read

There were two feature improvements and some minor bug fixes to make the user experience smoother.


Optimize Weekly View use of Shift Extras: Web Users who try to pull projects in Weekly View with shift extras will now experience quicker response time. This optimization is a beneficial gain for accounts that hold many projects.

Add/Remove/Review/Download attachments in Shift Extras: Web Users can now manage attachments in Shift Extras under Weekly View. We are happy to provide this functionality to our timekeeping users.

Bug Fixes

Bundle PDF error: a customer reported that the Create PDF feature encountered an error with T&M bundles. The PDF was too large for upload. We have improved the sizing for PDF uploads, and this issue has been resolved.

Job number validation: It was reported that the error messaging around creating projects with duplicate job numbers was no longer working. Instead, a save error appeared without context. This prevented the project from saving. This issue has been resolved, and the correct error message appears.

List view attachments verification: Field Forms with image attachments had an issue where an empty attachment field returned a green checkmark. This indicated an attachment in the Field Form when none existed. This issue has been resolved.

Weekly timekeeping export crashing: It was reported that the Weekly View CSV export was not working as expected and was causing Rhumbix to crash for some users. This issue has been resolved, and users can now export their timekeeping from Weekly View without issue.

Markups not pulling from mobile: It was reported that markups created on T&M forms through the mobile app were not appearing when viewed on the web dashboard. This issue has been resolved, and markups are occurring as expected.

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