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Critical Time Savings from Data-Driven Timekeeping

A premier constructor of complex steel structures was experiencing continued growth in both the number and scale of its steel erection projects. Their manual timekeeping and payroll process was creating massive inefficiencies and headaches for the team and needed an overhaul.


Average Weekly Hours Time Savings. Twenty Hours each week required for payroll processing has been reduced to three hours with Rhumbix Timekeeping


Reduction in Reporting Errors An average of 20 - 30 timekeeping corrections per week are down to one or two with Rhumbix.


Weekly Hours Time Savings Per Foreman. Easier, faster timekeeping with cloud-based submissions has drastically cut foremen’s administrative reporting time.

“I dreaded Mondays. I would show up at 6:30 in the morning and work till 9:00 at night just to get payroll submitted. I didn’t take a Monday off for nearly 10 years because running payroll was so important for our team, and our process was so difficult and time consuming.”

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Payroll Admin

About Stonebridge Steel Erection

Founded in 1995, Stonebridge, Inc. has quickly become one of the premier constructors of complex steel structures in the Tri-State area. Stonebridge’s scope of work ranges from large scale structural steel to high precision fabrication for high-rise developments, sports facilities, and large institutional facilities with recent work that includes Newark Terminal 1 and LaGuardia Airport Delta Terminal.

The Challenge

With the continued growth in both the number and scale of its steel erection projects, Stonebridge’s manual timekeeping and payroll process was creating massive inefficiencies and headaches for the team. Paper-based forms were delayed, difficult to read, and often missing critical project information. On bigger projects, timekeeping and payroll processing could take anywhere between 50 and 60 hours per week, creating additional work for both the foremen and home office. Stonebridge’s payroll administrator, Vedya Boodwa, has been with the company for 13 years and saw how their manual timekeeping could no longer keep up with the growing business.

Not only was the paper process time-consuming, it also required additional oversight to ensure work was accurately documented and categorized by task codes. From deciphering handwriting, to re-entering data, to correcting errors or omissions, the Stonebridge team was having to use critical work hours to gain necessary visibility into project performance.

I can’t believe I was so stubborn about making the change. Rhumbix has legitimately changed my life. What used to be two or three days of work is done in three hours. Our guys in the field just log their time into the system, and all the details are immediately in the system for us to review and process. It used to take me and three others to get payroll processed, but now my assistant can get it done by themselves in less time.

The Solution

With bigger projects came more paperwork, and Stonebridge quickly saw how increases in paper timecards would either require hiring more staff or replacing their manual timekeeping process all together. Seeing an opportunity to gain both process efficiency and project insights, Stonebridge realized that a digital timekeeping solution was the best path forward.

When looking for a timekeeping solution, Stonebridge recognized that ease-of-use was a critical factor for ensuring success both in the field and home office. With multiple projects running across three states, cloud-based reporting was essential to ensuring that crew hours and work were properly captured and submitted in real time. Even after evaluating several solutions and selecting Rhumbix as their data-driven timekeeping solution, some of Stonebridge’s more veteran team members remained hesitant about making the switch from their current paper-based process. Those fears of added headaches and increased work hours were quickly relieved within the first month of using the Rhumbix data-driven product.

Not only did the Stonebridge team see time savings in the field and home office, they saw massive improvements in the information being captured. Where the paper-based reporting system required an average of 20 to 30 adjustments every week to ensure proper documentation, Stonebridge has seen that number drop to one or two since using the Rhumbix digital timekeeping solution.

The Results

The time savings from the Rhumbix Timekeeping solution were nearly immediate. Foremen were able to save between five and six hours a week from the streamlined field capture and cloud-based submissions. This reduction in admin time meant these foremen could stay more focused on project performance rather than generating field reports. For the home office, the time savings were even greater. The 20 hours a week spent in processing payroll was reduced to just 3 hours start to finish, a reduction that occurred even as the size of Stonebridge’s projects were only increasing. The increased reporting accuracy from the field and elimination of double entry meant that a payroll process that once required 3 people can be successfully managed by one person in a fraction of the time.

With Rhumbix’s faster, data-driven workflows, Stonebridge has been able to drastically reduce the time and resources required for timekeeping and payroll processing. Stonebridge’s time-tracking has never been more accurate, ensuring timely and accurate visibility in their project performance.

You better try Rhumbix. Seriously, this thing is life changing—even for people like me who don’t like change. I made the change to Rhumbix, and I couldn’t be any happier with that decision. Had I not done this, I think I would have been depressed. I’m not exaggerating, it’s the honest truth. I’ve been doing this work for 13 years, and Rhumbix has been one of the most impactful tools I have ever used.

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