T for Trendspotting

RhumbixSeptember 25, 2018 • 2 min read

Trendspotting might seem like a shallow practice reserved to fashion, but construction management leaders know that trends in construction can be indicative of future building climates and what innovations will prove to be timeless. They’re rarely caught off guard when big changes happen in the industry, and they embrace any opportunity to enhance field productivity in effective ways. We’ve got our money on digitized workflows, streamlined payroll processes, and better in-the-field communication as the next big hits of this year.

Run the Numbers:
Having a grasp on current pricing, both of materials and properties, is critical to beginning a project of any budget. Look at commodities stock prices for an idea of how your favorite tools and materials are selling globally, as well as to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Look to the most impressive projects, and what their construction management teams are spending money on to drive success.

Look to Real Estate:
Construction and real estate go hand in hand. That’s why top professionals from each sector are always keeping an eye on the other’s trends.

Fun fact: the original computing machine was designed to process company data as a fancy calculator of sorts. It has since been adapted for personal use through a series of transitioning models. Now we have the smartphone. Point is, technology and tools can be adapted to various other uses once released to the market. In the case of construction management teams, this means looking at emerging engineering feats is great for getting a head start on tomorrow’s innovation. What happens in engineering doesn’t have to stay in engineering.

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