Trendspotting for Long-Term Construction Management

RhumbixAugust 17, 2018 • 2 min read

Everyone wants to create the next Facebook, Amazon, or Rhumbix, especially in construction management. Our industry has new innovation cropping up every day, yet to realize its potential, and ensure the tools actually enhance field productivity and are adopted by the field.  But how can we distinguish an up-and-coming technology from a passing fad? And how can we choose which innovations are best to invest time and resources in? Here are our top tips for implementing contemporary technology into sustainable business practices:

  • Read Up: It’s easy for busy field workers and project managers to receive industry updates through tweets or daring headlines, but we challenge our colleagues to go beyond the bite-size text and dive deeper into the reports and analyses of what’s happening both on and off the jobsite. Our favorite sources? Curbed (for all things house-related), ENR (for engineering and construction technology), and of course our very own Rhumbix blog.
  • Listen In: Podcasts are a great way to download some knowledge during your commute or while taking a break in the field. The ConTechCrew podcast is always diving into the latest technology, not to mention the show is upbeat and lively.
  • Talk Trends: We at Rhumbix know that in-person exchanges are priceless. That’s why we’re constantly heading to industry events to talk about construction management and field productivity with the brightest thought leaders.
  • Make Your Mark: The best way to predict trends is to lead them. Using your knowledge of what’s happening in the industry, determine which needs in field productivity and construction management can be filled. How can your current projects innovate from the ground-up? What existing technology can you incorporate in new ways in order to optimize field productivity? Whoever said construction was not a creative field needs to take another look at the 21st-century building landscape and think again.

About Rhumbix: We know that the best technology provides you with a way to get to work, faster. Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform is a digital solution that improves every aspect of daily construction operations with better data from the field to the home office. Rhumbix boosts productivity, craft worker morale, and building quality while providing a field experience that teams love