Audit History and New Navigation | Web 3.62

RhumbixNovember 07, 2018 • 1 min read

We’re excited to share with you some new improvements to the Rhumbix Web App!

Time Card History – the time card history helps you feel secure knowing that all changes to timekeeping records can always be hunted down. In the Weekly View, you can click on the History button for any selected cell to see when a record was created and updated as well as who created and updated that record. In the History view, you see a Timestamp for all changes to the record and who the Author was, followed by the details of the updated record.

New Time Card History View


Navigation – go where you need to easier and faster with a new comprehensive navigation bar. We updated our navigation to make it easier for you to get where you need, under each section, such as Project Settings and Company Settings you can click on and go to each sub-section like Configuration and Team Members directly from the main navigation menu. And based on popular demand, we added the top right date toggle buttons back. Please note that the Export page can now be reached from the Weekly View Action Bar, not the Navigation menu.

New Navigation View


Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email with any questions.