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Carlos Silvera of Lloyd W. Aubry Co. Takes Home the 2019 Foreman of the Future Award at the Newly Renovated Harvey Milk Terminal at SFO

RhumbixApril 17, 2020 • 2 min read

If you have traveled through the San Francisco International Airport lately, you may have noticed the newly renovated Terminal 1, Harvey Milk Terminal. According to a recent Forbes article, this marks the first phase of a much larger project underway at Terminal 1, With phase one of the construction complete, only nine gates are officially open. By March of 2020, an additional nine gates should be operational. In 2021, a connector to the international terminal as well as an additional seven gates should be open while only in 2023 will the full terminal be operational.”

Over three million job hours are being expended to build this facility that millions of people will travel through in and out of San Francisco. That’s why we are so honored to have the opportunity to present the 2019 Foreman of the Future Award at the Harvey Milk Terminal at SFO in December.

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Why do we do the Foreman of the Future? “We know that projects are getting bigger, requirements are getting heavier, and expectations are growing. The industry is moving forward but it’s not going to happen unless everyone here in front of us—the men and women in construction—actually steps up and gets this done. We want to reward the individuals who are pushing the industry forward and taking the initiative to level up themselves, the job, and the industry.” shared Drew DeWalt, COO and Co-founder of Rhumbix.

For the 2019 Foreman of the Future, it is with great pleasure to recognize Carlos Silvera of Lloyd W. Aubry Company.

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More about Carlos Silvera:
Carlos has been a Bay Area resident for over fifty years and has been working in the trades for twenty five of them. He loves working with his hands and resolving all of the challenges that come up in the field. While he does miss the feel of blueprint drawings he is extremely excited to work with new technology that is now available for people in the field.   

Carlos and his team are responsible for the layout and installation of the Baggage Handling System designed by Buemer. Their work is comprised of both conventional belt-driven conveyor units along with the newer Individual Carrier System (ICS). Once completed this team will have helped commission the first ICS baggage system in the United States.

Along with the Foreman of the Future Award, Carlos won several additional gifts from our generous partners OtterBox, DeWalt, and RUNNUR, and not to mention, a signed 49ers jersey by Harris Barton and two tickets to the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami, Florida! 

We look forward to celebrating the next Foreman of the Future in your city in 2020! Learn more about the Foreman of the Future here and stay tuned for an announcement of the 2020 Foreman of the Future nominations.


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