ConTech Roadshow Recap

Stephanie Patterson, Rhumbix InsiderJanuary 03, 2018 • 2 min read

Jobsite productivity was the first topic everyone was buzzing about a few weeks ago at the ConTech Roadshow in Oakland, CA. Several Rhumbix team members attended the event, and connected with the group of 150+ attendees in the high energy, tech-forward environment.

Hosted by The ConTech Crew and JB Knowledge, the Roadshow is definitely an event worth attending for anyone looking to maximize the benefits of technology in construction. While other industry events have only recently shifted their focus to including technology showcases, The ConTech Crew has been focused on it one hundred percent for quite some time.

Companies presenting at the Roadshow have moved beyond talking about technology as something new to sharing best practices based on real use cases and applications. A big takeaway for our team was hearing how increased productivity is a key priority for every kind of technology that was showcased. Use cases for drones, augmented reality, virtual reality and so forth were all shared through the lens of how they can boost productivity. They are fantastic tools for the design and survey stages of a project, and the technology is proven, scaling and becoming more mainstream.

The next big stage to tackle is the build itself, and that is what many attendees wanted to hear more about. The opening keynote was all about the future of technology in construction, followed by a second session that deep-dived into how to revamp jobsite productivity using tracking and analysis tools. James Benham interviewed Rhumbix CEO Zach Scheel and Thomas Hollingsworth from Triax as they shared their perspectives and best practices with the crowd.

The afternoon was an opportunity to dig into more specific technology-focused topics like mobile device management and security, and included optional user training tracks for SmartBid, Stack, eSub, and Autodesk.

Sessions were short and separated by 15-30 minute breaks, which meant there were lots of opportunities to connect with people and explore the row of vendors showcasing their technology. There was even individual access to try out drones, wearables, augmented reality, virtual reality and iBeacon devices at the ConTech Showcase.

Overall, we thought it was a fantastic event and appreciate the innovative and unbiased thought leadership the ConTech Crew brings to everything they do. Knowledge sharing is key to pushing construction productivity further and the Crew did a great job of making that happen at the Roadshow.

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