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Daily Construction Reports: Best Practices and Special Offer

RhumbixApril 29, 2020 • 2 min read

Construction sites are not for the faint of heart. Most certainly, it’s controlled chaos to the average passerby. But for those tradesmen, builders, planners, and foreman it’s an intricate dance of activity all working together in perfect synchronization. Well, hopefully. Because keeping track of hundreds of moving pieces can be a challenging task when you’re trying to determine how the project is progressing. That’s why Daily Construction Reports (DCRs) are a critical component to successful project management.

Each project begins with a project contract outlining the specifics of the job, but the DCR is the tool to help validate and document it’s progress and overall project health. Done well, it chronicles the who, what, and where of a project site helping to mitigate risk (legal disputes and claims), share data and project insights with subcontractors and other stakeholders. The challenge is to ensure that your DCR process is modern, accurate, and data-driven. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

Go Mobile
If you’re relying on your memory or scribbled notes at the end of a long day on site, chances are extremely high that you’ll miss specific incidents, teams, delays, deliveries or weather fluctuations. And while a digital solution is great, the ideal method will include mobile technology. It will enable your staff to capture real-time field data anywhere and at any time. Even better, a mobile solution will enable voice-to-text entry to help field supervisors cut daily report creation to just a few minutes.

Attach Photos & More
Going mobile means that your team can also capture photos and references to help tell a complete story. It helps to give added context to the day’s events and enables supervisors to make changes sooner rather than later.

Share On-Demand
Tracking your projects in a digital Daily Construction Report populated by real-time field data means you can instantly share with others in the office or field, and with the general contractor or owner.

Keeping daily records of work progress, you’ll gain clearer insight into ongoing projects as well as improve future processes. That’s why Rhumbix is pleased to announce an addition to our field data collection platform–Daily Construction Reports. It enables you to quickly capture and complete digital Daily Construction Reports (DCR) with project name, weather, work performed, field notes, photos, attachments, safety notes and daily surveys. And for a limited time, we’re excited to offer free basic Daily Construction Reports for life when you sign up now through the end of the year.


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