Data-Driven Success with the help of a Technology Committee

RhumbixFebruary 26, 2019 • 2 min read

Most construction firms understand that some measure of technology is a necessity for running a business and plan accordingly. But, no company wants to waste money or resources on the wrong tool or processes. That’s where a Technology Committee (TC) helps.

If you’re not 100% clear on the who/what/where, a TC is a group of people providing leadership, planning, research, vetting, and coordination for a company’s technology needs. Forming a TC is a great way to support your firm’s IT strategy and prevent mistakes from happening, especially when you’re a relatively small team with limited IT resources. A well-run committee will ensure a coordinated, well-thought-out effort and prove invaluable for gathering buy-in and support when projects are ready to deploy.

What does a Tech Committee do?
The TC will track technology progress, prioritize initiatives, and identify gaps in the current technology stack. They’ll review and approve plans for major IT projects and decisions and provide strategic planning and input on firm projects.

Who’s on the TC?
Broad representation is critical. The most successful Tech Committees are cross-functional, cross-generational and include employees across multiple departments, ensuring voices are heard company-wide. We also recommend that your TC include non-digital natives. Doing so ensures smoother adoption and buy-in.

How does a Tech Committee function?
Once established, your TC will outline their team charter and short-term/long-term objectives and should meet on a regular basis. We recommend monthly meetings with set agendas. Ongoing, your Tech Committee should meet monthly, with quarterly. and annual reviews.

What Can Go Wrong?

Poor Communication: A common mistake is not communicating the plan or the progress being made to the extended team. It’s best to include a communication plan within the TC’s charter. It should include a regular process to share accomplishments, progress, and next steps.

Focusing on Strategy Only: Big-picture thinking is great but executing on tactics is what drives success.

Forgetting Buy-In: Don’t forget the importance of buy-in in achieving success. Buy-in allows organizations to refine an idea on every level. Otherwise, you’re making a decision that’s not completely informed.

As companies fight for growth, successful technology adoption with the help of a Tech Committee is necessary and can create an extreme competitive advantage. Read our NEW eBook to learn more about the ins/outs of establishing a TC on your journey to Data-Driven Construction. Download it for free today!