Elevate Field-level Data with Rhumbix and Autodesk

RhumbixMarch 04, 2019 • 2 min read

Some days it feels like construction revolves around paper work instead of the actual building at hand. Proper documentation is a necessary demand of construction. Often there is confusion around what it means to digitize paperwork. Teams may think they’ve digitized their field data collection process, but entering field-level data into static PDFs doesn’t solve the problem. What’s more, without a truly digitized solution workers continue to battle the same issues they deal with on paper such as rework and manual entry into other systems, siloed information, and old or inaccurate data.

A truly digitized field solution offers a way to level up the process. What happens when organizations start focusing on the data they need to collect and not the documents? A whole host of organization-wide transformations begin. With data collection, teams can more efficiently receive the right data points which can populate any number of forms. Once forms are complete, they can kick off workflows to approvers for review. For example, the T&M Tracking product from Rhumbix collects the elements of a T&M tag including materials, labor, and any other relevant information. Together with pricing, the system is able to create a professional T&M ticket ready to be sent to all stakeholders.

The power of field-level data collection accelerates when multiple systems can use this valuable data. At Rhumbix we have an open API for this very reason, it’s essential for our clients to be able to connect Rhumbix to other systems easily. Together with Autodesk, we’ve created a connection between the Autodesk BIM 360 Cost Management Module and Rhumbix. This integration will allow users to surface Rhumbix T&M tags in Cost Management and associate them with Potential Change Orders (PCOs). There is a better way to collect field data, want to get started, but don’t know where to start? Download the Data Driven Construction ebook and learn how to begin evaluating construction software as a buyer.