#EmergeRX Series - What You Need to Know about Drones

RhumbixApril 28, 2018 • 3 min read

Here at Rhumbix, we’re all about insights and prescriptive action. Whether it comes from data-driven feedback, a personal conversation, or a trend report, all insights are valued in our model. Our latest editorial series, #EmergeRX, plays on the prescription theme. We’ll be evaluating the most promising developments in the construction field and writing on them for the wide audience it contains—project managers, corporate employees, and of course the foremen themselves. So much of intelligent construction design is intangible, and it’s that component that can make or break a project’s success. Conceptualized and written by the outstanding Rhumbix team, #EmergeRX is your prescription to tomorrow’s perception.

When do you first remember hearing about drones? Perhaps it was a wedding photographer who offered an innovative photo angle, your niece or nephew’s holiday gift list, or the lights show at the Olympics brought to you by the drones of Intel. Whatever your previous experience with drones, we’re here to tell you some news: drones are expanding into almost every domain as a part of an ongoing tech revolution that is changing how business gets conducted. As a construction professional, you might be understandably wary of such verbose claims. We here at Rhumbix understand your skepticism and embrace your critical eye, and still think that drones are worth a second look.

  • Land on your fleet – of drones, that is! Surveying land has never been easier when video footage circles back to planners in real-time. The classic method of doing land research has always been to send a team and have them collect data that is then in itself sometimes subjective. With drones, companies cut their surveying resources and errors in half.
  • Super stats – You’ve heard us talk about data before on the blog, and we’ll happily mention it again—data produces sound insights, gives real feedback, and drives effective action. Data sourced from drone technology is more accurate and accountable than labor-sourced stats, and requires much less time, energy, and budgeting to achieve. Whether it be from mapping lands or monitoring the final stages, drone-backed data is a game changer that the best builders use.
  • Progress reports – We’ve all been there, you have a great development in progress, but your cell phone pictures don’t do it justice. Thus, the client can’t observe the strides your team has made and scraps much or all of the project progress. With drone footage, you can give clients a flattering 360-degree view of the building’s progress right from the boardroom.

From scouting the site to the finishing touches, drone photography (and video) can play a significant role in your construction projects. Fortunately, this valuable information can be easily added to your production notes within RMBX ensuring that all project stakeholders have the same data to make the best possible decisions. Because getting the data is great, but using the data is better! And why take a chance on losing info that could be a critical component to a make or break project? With RMBX you’re able to gather the data, have anytime visibility and develop actionable insights to ultimately improve productivity.