How Construction Firms Can Avoid Being Left Behind in the Digital Dust

Stephanie Patterson, Rhumbix InsiderAugust 10, 2017 • 2 min read

Earlier this year, we published a series of articles on four erroneous reasons (we called them myths) that prevent construction firms from taking meaningful steps toward digitization. The articles were widely read and shared, so we put them all together in a free ebook that is easy to save, print and pass along.Available now, the ebook covers the following topics:

  • Myth 1: Built In-House is Better
  • Myth 2: It’s Important, but Not Urgent
  • Myth 3: The Field Won’t Like It
  • Myth 4: It Won’t Integrate with Existing Systems

Each section of the book discusses the origin and reason for the myth, and simple steps you can take to get your firm to begin taking action.

Click here to download our free eBook, Why Construction Firms Don’t Digitize

The first section details the three challenges with building in-house solutions, and also what to look for in a SaaS or software vendor.

Section two addresses the importance of injecting a sense of urgency in your technology initiatives. It outlines the steps you can take to shift your team away from thinking new technology is additive, over to believing it’s absolutely urgent and necessary.

What to look for when evaluating field technology is covered in section three, along with the four key areas that should be part of your firm’s strategy to support adoption of new tools.

And integration is tackled in section four, with tips for how to make almost any new software integration possible, even if your accounting system is old and doesn’t support open API’s.

Operational professionals who need to present a case for investing in new technology will find this ebook especially helpful.

It’s also a great tool for anyone at any level of the organization who wants to see their firm become more tech savvy.

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