Improved Approvals Functionality | Web 3.64

RhumbixDecember 06, 2018 • 2 min read

We have received a lot of feedback regarding our approvals functionality and are excited to announce some major improvements! With our newest update, you will have increased flexibility in your approvals workflow and more certainty in your payroll processing.

To start, we added a fourth status and renamed old statuses. The new status, Supervisor Approved, is available to the PM, Payroll Admin and Admin roles. The PM role was previously not able to approve time cards, this adds new flexibility to who can approve time. The Approved status has been renamed to Payroll Verified and is still available only to the Payroll Admin and Admin roles.

Statuses now have built-in locking functionality to prevent users from editing a time record that has been processed. Once a time card has been Supervisor Approved only the PMs, Payroll Admins and Admins are able to edit that record. At that time, Foremen and Office Staff are no longer able to make changes. Once a record is Payroll Verified or Exported only Payroll Admins and Admins can make edits. This prevents PMs, Foremen and Office Staff from editing. This can be used with the Locked Time Period functionality to control your time card and payroll process.

We have also added visual indicators to the weekly view to show the status of daily records. The visual indicator, modeled after a stoplight, updates as the record moves stages and shows you if there are any unapproved days in a week. Within the TIme Card – Weekly View you can now change the status of a record from the right-side approval menu or from inside the Edit screen.

Please note that with this update we are removing the Approvals functionality from the Time Cards – Daily View. All Approvals now happen from the Time Card – Weekly View.

Feel free to send questions to or call 1(855)RHUMBIX.