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National Commercial Construction Company Chooses Rhumbix Time and Materials Tracking

RhumbixJuly 11, 2022 • 4 min read

EquiTeam is a commercial construction company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their traditional way of tracking time and materials contracts with a manual workflow caused headaches and missed invoices. EquiTeam chose Rhumbix Time & Material Tracking to improve their process because the solution proved easy to learn, easy to use, and affordable.

Easy Does It

As part of their promise to every customer, EquiTeam provides a customized process to manage all facets of the construction project from beginning to end. That means delivering the right team with the right experience for the best success. Supporting that team with the right resources is essential. So when this general contractor identified a way to bring more ease and accuracy to managing time and materials, they were eager to move forward.

“When it comes to technology and innovation, we like to be ahead of the curve. Although we don’t do much time and materials work, we recognized that our manual process for tracking those projects created a hassle for our project managers and accounting. We wanted an affordable and easy-to-use software application that would make our time and materials tracking efficient.” JOSH SCHUTZ, Lead Estimator at EquiTeam, LLC

Missing Money 

EquiTeam operates with nine self-performing crews, and each has a site superintendent, foreman, and crew members. Their projects are typically office finishes, industrial churches, and commercial new builds, ranging from $200,000 to $3 million. 

“Whenever we did time and materials work, it was always a crisis at the end to properly track and bill,” Josh says. “Nothing was simple because it was all handled in a manual, paper process. The project person would need to account for all the man-hours on-site and any subcontractors and materials. They would really have to be on top of it, but most of the time, that wouldn’t happen because other things on-site take priority attention. We’d get to the end of the project, and it would be a scramble to rebuild the information and history—identify what subs were on-site and get their billings, record what material was ordered and from where, determine where the invoices were, and try very hard not to miss anything.” 

The trouble continued into accounting, too. Josh explains: “When the time and materials information finally hit our accounting software, we then had to go back through cost reports and use Excel to create what we needed by hand. We’d often find hours missed and then have to go back and plug in the cost per hour. There were too many chances for things to go wrong or be missed.”

Crisis Averted

EquiTeam chose Rhumbix Time & Materials Tracking to improve the process on their time and materials contracts. According to Josh, the decision was based on three essential requirements—easy to learn, easy to use, and affordable. 

“We like that Rhumbix is easy to implement and allows users in the field and the office to become proficient quickly,” Josh says. “It doesn’t require a lot of training compared to other programs I’ve seen in the past, like Procore, which takes a lot of time to learn before you can even use it. Plus, every feature we need is in there! We can instantly put our time in, have it calculate subcontractors, add pictures of receipts, and of course all the things that make it easy to track activity.”

The price tag was also appealing, as Josh adds: “We appreciate that Rhumbix is not cost-prohibitive from a year-to-standpoint. Since it’s not something we use frequently, our spend had to make sense. Because it’s a standalone module, we have everything we need without paying for a whole solution suite we wouldn’t use.”

At the end of the day, EquiTeam is excited to have a solution that works well and makes their lives easier. “Rhumbix is what we need,” says Josh. “We have real-time and transparent time and materials tracking, which eliminates the manual, back-and-forth workflow and those stressful surprises at the end of a project. We’ll never miss an invoice!”

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