Rhumbix Announces New T&M Tracking Tool

RhumbixAugust 08, 2019 • 3 min read

San Francisco, July 24, 2018 – Rhumbix, a powerful mobile platform designed for smarter construction sites, has announced a new, field-friendly, feature designed specifically for General and Subcontractors to confront and solve the issue of lost revenue due to Time and Material inconsistencies.

While the industry continues its push toward digitization, paper reporting still takes place which often creates a costly disconnect between the office and the field. Now, via an iPhone or iPad, risk is mitigated with an intuitive, customizable T&M form that eliminates lost tags, allows for real-time tag generation, submission, and finally approval by the General Contractor.

“We’ve developed this update following extensive research and conversations with industry experts and our users,” said Rhumbix Director of Product Steve Chiou. “We knew where many of the problems existed. But how to compile, sort, group and deliver the data, in the most streamlined and customer-friendly manner that makes sense for specific workflows, was our hurdle.  We’re very confident we’ve come up with a solution to the cumbersome burden of the time and materials and change order process faced by GC’s and subs  across the industry that will definitely impact their bottom lines.”

A reimagined Time and Materials workflow debuts a variety of new features:
– Mobile, easy to use customizable T&M form
– Auto-generated email to both the Sub and the GC upon submission
– GC commenting ability on all subcontractor-generated tags
– Sign and verify all Subcontractor tags from the web for the GC
– Print-friendly format
– Excel-based pricing tool

A brand new look and feel for weekly time cards:
– An action bar that consolidates all user actions into one browser toolbar
– Keyboard-like navigation
– Detailed views and weekly total hour breakdown
– On-screen tool tips to help identify potential issues
– Status recording for better organization and workflow
– Group records by Foreman or employee to help the user better organize timekeeping data
– Easily add and update timekeeping (hours, absences, shift extras) information.

“Lost tags happen, piles of paper are inefficient and signatures take time,” said Rhumbix CEO Zach Scheel.  “What we’ve done with this update is streamline the workflow by bringing all the pertinent players under one roof. For the first time, owners, GCs, and subcontractors know daily whether they made or lost money on project sites and have visibility into the factors that drive gains and losses in production.”

About Rhumbix
Rhumbix modernizes construction field operations, helping builders go paperless in the field and improving how they measure and manage labor productivity to be more profitable. The Rhumbix mobile app digitizes and standardizes field data related to time and attendance, production tracking and benchmarking, daily reporting, fieldwork orders, QA/QC inspections, and health and safety reporting. This ensures all project stakeholders have the best data, when they need it, to make better decisions and draw actionable insights.  Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Rhumbix was founded in 2014 by Navy veterans with deep experience in the construction industry and is backed by numerous tier-one investors. For more information visit: rhumbixcms.wpengine.com