Rhumbix Improvements | Mobile v4.36

RhumbixJune 17, 2021 • 2 min read

Our team at Rhumbix is happy to announce v4.36 of our Rhumbix Mobile App on iOS and Android! While there are no new features released, v.4.36 brings some essential bug fixes for smoother workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Users have reported that Labor and Equipment rates added onto T&M Forms on Mobile were not pulling rates onto the T&M Forms when viewing on Web. This led to confusion and inaccurate totals on their forms. We have resolved this issue and totals will be pulling accurately for all fields in the T&M Forms.
  • When adding labor onto Field Forms, some users reported that the app crashes when using the search bar. We found the root cause of this had to do with inactive employees existing in the project and after some testing, our team has found a fix that will prevent crashing when searching employees.
  • Another user reported a Timekeeping bug regarding shift extras. When multiple projects are selected for a time card and a user tries to add on a shift extras, the shift extra would pull cost codes from multiple projects. Expected behavior is for shift extras to only pull cost codes from one project at a time. Our team has corrected this issue and shift extras will now function as they should.

You can always find more information about Rhumbix on our Support Center. You can also reach out with any questions to Support@Rhumbix.com, or call in at 855.RHUMBIX (855.748.6249). Be sure to opt-in for automatic updates on our Rhumbix Blog to always be caught up with the latest!