Rhumbix Improvements | Web 3.79

RhumbixSeptember 03, 2019 • 1 min read

We’re excited to announce another Rhumbix release. In version 3.79 of our application, now live, we have added the ability for a company to restrict team member visibility by groups and for an owner to partake in the T&M workflow.

If you are using our groups feature, currently available in Beta, you can limit team member availability by group. Now, your Foreman, PM and Payroll Admin see only individuals who are assigned to their groups. This helps large organizations silo their team members into divisions or operating units restricting users from accidentally selecting team members that are not in their group. If you wish to have this feature enabled please contact your Customer Success Manager.

We now have the ability for an owner to be part of the T&M workflow. The owner is able to view tickets in the T&M workflow, and once passed to the “Submitted to Owner” status they can add a signature and status the ticket as Verified, Rejected or Declined. See below for a breakdown of the workflow.

Please reach out with any questions, support@rhumbix.com or (855)RHUMBIX.